A flatbed editor is a type of machine used for the editing of a motion picture film. The two most common brands, Steenbeck and KEM, flatbed were invented in Germany the 1930's. There are also flatbed truck the less well-known Italian (Prevost) and F

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For the software build framework, see CruiseControl.
Cruise Control cruse

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Variomatic is the stepless, fully automatic transmission of the passenger car manufacturer DAF.

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Following the original 2000 film Final Destination and the resulting trilogy as well as Black Flame's series of books, Zenescope Entertainment boatmotor began producing a series of Final Destination comic books. Currently, only boat moter two

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This article discusses radiators in automobiles, buildings, and electronics. For planckian radiators see black body. For the album radator by Super Furry Animals, see Radiator (album).

A radiator is a device designed to transfer therma

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