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Cardinals-Mets: Position analysis

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The uniforms look the same, but the numbers on the scoreboard don't. The College of the Canyons football team, the 2004 state and national champion and winner of six consecutive Western State Conference championships, is struggling mightily.

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All year long, Michigan's opponents have searched for the formula to stop the Wolverines' fearsome rushing attack. Add Michigan State to the list of teams who couldn't find the elixir. Led by its three-headed tailback combination of junior Mike Hart, sophomore Kevin Grady and freshman Brandon Minor, Michigan's ground attack dominated the Spartans' defense throughout Saturday's contest.




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- spark plugs

A spark plug (also very rarely nowadays in British sparkplug English, a sparking plug) is an electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of some internal combustion engines and spark blug ignites compressed aerosol gasoline by means of an electric spark plugs spark. Spark plugs have an insulated center electrode which is champion spark plugs connected by a heavily insulated wire to an spark plug ignition coil or magneto circuit on the outside, forming, with a grounded terminal ngk spark plugs on the base of the plug, a spark gap inside the cylinder. Early spark plug cross reference patents for spark plugs included those by Nikola Tesla (in U.S. Patent 609,250 for an ignition timing system, 1898), spark plug wires Richard Simms (GB 24859/1898, 1898) and Robert Bosch (GB bosch spark plugs 26907/1898). Karl Benz is champion spark plug also credited with the invention. But only the invention of the first commercially viable high-voltage autolite spark plugs spark plug as part of a magneto-based ignition system by spark plug gap Robert Bosch's engineer Gottlob Honold in 1902 made possible the development of the internal combustion engine.

Internal combustion engines can be divided spark plug cleaner into spark-ignition engines, which reading spark plugs require spark plugs to begin combustion, and compression-ignition engines (diesel engines), which compress the air and then inject diesel fuel into denso spark plugs the e3 spark plugs heated compressed air mixture where it autoignites. Compression-ignition engines may use glow plugs to improve cold start characteristics.

Spark plugs may ac spark plugs also be used in other applications such as furnaces where a combustible mixture ngk spark plug should be ignited. In this case, they spark plug gap settings are sometimes referred to as flame igniters.


  • 1 Operation
  • 2 Spark performance spark plugs plug construction
    • 2.1 Parts ac delco spark plugs of the plug
      • 2.1.1 Terminal
      • 2.1.2 Ribs
      • 2.1.3 Insulator
      • 2.1.4 Seals
      • 2.1.5 Metal splitfire spark plugs motorcycle spark plugs case
      • 2.1.6 Insulator tip
      • 2.1.7 Side electrode, or ground electrode
      • 2.1.8 Center spark plug gap chart electrode
    • 2.2 Spark plug gap
    • 2.3 Variations champion spark plug cross reference on the basic non resistor spark plug design
    • 2.4 Sealing to the cylinder head
    • 2.5 Tip protrusion
  • 3 Heat spark plug chart range
  • 4 Reading spark plugs
  • 5 Indexing bosch spark plug spark plugs
  • 6 See also
  • 7 External split fire spark plugs links


Components of a typical, four stroke cycle, spark plug interchange DOHC piston engine. (E) stihl spark plug gap Exhaust camshaft, (I) Intake camshaft, (S) Spark plug, (V) Valves, (P) Piston, (R) Connecting kawasaki gpz 750 spark plugs rod, (C) Crankshaft, (W) Water jacket for coolant flow.

The spark plug is connected platinum spark plugs to thousands of volts generated by the ignition coil. As the electrons are pushed recommended spark plug gaps in from the coil, a voltage difference appears between the center spark plug chart heat range electrode and side electrode. No current can flow because the fuel and air in spark plug heat range chart the gap spark plug reference is an insulator, but as the voltage rises further, it begins to change the structure of the gases marine spark plugs between the electrodes. Once the voltage exceeds the dielectric strength of spark plug comparison the gases, the gases become ionized. An ionized spark plugs cross reference gas becomes a conductor and an ionized gas can pass electrons.

As the current of electrons surges across the gap, it raises firestorm spark plug the temperature of the spark channel to 60,000 K. non plug resistor spark The intense heat in the spark channel causes the ionized gas to expand very quickly, like a ngk spark plugs cross reference spark plug heat range small explosion. This is the "click" you hear when watching a spark, similar to lightning and thunder.

The heat spark plug reading and pressure force the gasses to react with each other and at the end of the spark event spark plug tester there should be a small ball of fire volkswagen bora spark plug in the spark gap as the champion spark plug catalog gases burn on their own. The size of this fireball or kernel depends on spark plug abrasive the exact composition of the mixture between the electrodes spark plug cross reference guide and the level of combustion chamber turbulence at the time of the spark. A e3 spark plug small kernel will make the engine run as though the ignition timing was retarded and lodge spark plugs a large one like the timing was advanced for that individual cycle.

Spark plug construction

A spark plug is composed of a shell, insulator and the conductor. It pierces surface gap spark plugs autolite spark plug the wall of the combustion chamber and therefore must also seal the combustion chamber against high pressures and temperatures, spark plugs 8 without deteriorating over long periods of time and toyota sienna spark plug replacement extended use.

Parts of the plug


The top of the spark bpr5es spark plug plug contains a terminal to connect to the ignition system. The exact terminal construction varies rim fire spark plugs depending on the use of the spark plug. Most passenger car spark plug wires snap onto atv spark plugs the terminal of changing spark plugs the plug, but some wires have spade connectors which are fastened onto the plug under a nut. Plugs which are spark plug conversion used for these applications often have the spark plug cross reference chart end of the terminal serve a double purpose as the nut on a thin threaded shaft spark plug review so that they can be used for either type of spark plug tattoo connection.These are a necessary part taylor spark plug wires of the the spark plug.


By lengthening the surface between the high voltage terminal and the grounded what is the spark plug gap for 1999 nissan altima metal case of the spark plug, the physical shape of the ribs functions to ac delco spark plug gap improve the electrical insulation and prevent electrical energy from leaking along best spark plug the insulator surface from the terminal to the metal case. The disrupted and longer path makes the denso spark plug electricity encounter more resistance along the surface of the how to change spark plugs spark plug even in the presence of dirt kawasaki fc420v spark plug and moisture.


The insulator is typically made from an aluminium oxide ceramic mazda mpv spark plug as is designed to withstand 550° C and 60,000 V. It extends from the metal case spark plug boots into the combustion chamber. The exact composition and length of spark plug firing indicator the insulator partly determines the heat range of the plug.


As the spark plug also seals the antique harley-davidson spark plug combustion chamber of the engine when installed, the bosch spark plug equivalent seals ensure there is no broken spark plug remover leakage from the combustion chamber. The seal is typically made by the denso fuel injectors spark plugs use of a multi-layer braze as there are no braze compositions that will wet both the ceramic and metal case and therefore intermediary honda c100 spark plug gap alloys are required.

Metal case

The metal case of the spark plug bears the torque of tightening no spark to spark plug the plug, serves to remove heat from the insulator and pass it on spark plug cross reference spark plug cross reference to the cylinder head, and acts as the ground for the sparks passing through the center spark plugs and gas milage electrode to the side electrode.

Insulator tip

The tip triple fire spark plugs of the insulator surrounding the center electrode is within the combustion 57 chevy spark plugs chamber and directly affects the spark plug performance, particularly the bosch spark plug cross reference heat range.

Side electrode, or ground electrode

The side electrode is made from high nickel steel ford spark plug failure technical service bulletin and is welded to the side of the metal case. The side electrode also ngk spark plug catalog runs very hot, especially on projected nose plugs. Some spark plug designs use spark plug fowling multiple side electrodes that do not overlap the spark plugs buy center electrode.

Center electrode

The center toyota corolla location spark plugs electrode is connected to the terminal through an internal wire and commonly a ceramic series resistance to reduce emission of vw spark plug boot puller radio noise from the sparking. The tip can be made of a combination of copper, 1989 mastercraft spark plugs nickel-iron, chromium, or precious metals. The center electrode is bosch platinum spark plugs usually the one designed to eject break glass with spark plug the electrons (the cathode) because it is the hottest ld spark plugs (normally) part of the plug; it is easier to emit electrons from a hot surface, reading spark plug because of the same physical laws that increase emissions of vapor from hot surfaces (see Thermionic emission). In addition, electrons spark plug wrench are emitted where the electrical field strength is greatest; surface gap spark plug this is from wherever the radius of harley davidson spark plugs curvature of the surface is smallest, i.e. from a sharp point or edge rather than a flat hemi spark plug boot surface (see Corona discharge). indexing spark plugs It would be easiest to pull electrons from a pointed electrode but a pointed electrode would erode after only a few seconds. motorcraft spark plugs Instead, the electrons emit from the ngk spark plug cross reference sharp edges of the end of the electrode; as these edges erode, the spark becomes spark plug wire sets weaker and less reliable.

At one time it was common to remove the spark plugs, spark plugs best consumer clean deposits off the ends either manually or with specialized sandblasting equipment and file the spark plugs for jet ski end of the electrode to restore the sharp edges, spark plugs jeep liberty but this practice has become less frequent as spark plugs are now merely replaced, 18mm spark plug at much longer intervals. The development of precious metal high temperature electrodes (using accel spark plugs metals such as yttrium, iridium, platinum, tungsten, or palladium, as well as auburn spark plugs the relatively prosaic silver autolight spark plugs or gold) allows the use of a smaller center wire, which has sharper autolite spark plug cross reference edges but will not melt or corrode away. The smaller electrode also absorbs less heat from the bosch platium spark plugs spark and initial flame energy. At one point, Firestone marketed plugs broken spark plug removal tool with polonium in the tip, under the questionable theory that the radioactivity would ionize the elantra spark plugs air in halo spark plug the gap, easing spark formation. (See external link below)

Spark plug gap

Spark plugs help spark plugs are typically designed to have a spark gap which can be adjusted by the technician installing the spark how much for spark plugs in a 3.0 subaru plug, by the how to read spark plug heat ranges simple mechanism of bending the ground electrode slightly to bring it closer to or further from the center electrode. The somewhat common how to replace spark plugs belief that plugs are properly gapped as delivered in their box indexing fitch spark plugs from the factory is incorrect, as proved by the fact that the spark plug gap specs same plug may be specified for several different engines, requiring a different gap spark plug guide for each. A spark plug gap gauge with spark plugs indian motorcycle round wires of precise diameters is spark plugs tercel how used to measure the gap; use of a feeler gauge with flat blades instead of round wires, as is used on distributor spark plugs wires points or valve lash, will give erroneous results, due to the shape bosch snowmobile spark plugs of connected spark plugs wrong spark plug electrodes. The simplest gauges are a collection of keys of various thicknesses which match the desired delco spark plugs gaps and the gap is adjusted until dodge durango hemi spark plugs the key fits snugly. With current engine technology, universally incorporating solid state ignitions and computerized fuel injection, the gaps high performance spark plugs used are much larger than in the era of carburetors and jeep grand cherokee spark plugs breaker point distributors, to the extent that spark plug gauges from that era are much too small lawn mower spark plug mtorcycle spark plugs for measuring the gaps of current cars.

This adjustment can be fairly critical and ngk 5629 spark plugs if it is maladjusted the engine may run badly, or not at all. A narrow gap may give too nkg br8es spark plugs small and weak a spark to effectively ignite the fuel-air mixture, while a gap which is parts of a spark plug too wide may be too wide for a spark to racing spark plugs fire at all. Either way, a spark which only spark plug ratings intermittently fails to ignite the fuel-air mixture may not be noticeable directly, but will show up as spark plug specifications a reduction in the engine's power and fuel efficiency. As spark plug threads the plug ages and the metal of the tip erodes, the gap will spark plug waveform tend to widen; therefore experienced mechanics spark plugs chart often set the gap on a set of new plugs at the engine manufacturer's minimum spark plugs ngk europe recommended gap rather than in the center of the specified acceptable spark plugs pt cruiser range, to ensure longer life between plug changes. On super sonic spark plugs the other hand, since a larger gap gives a "hotter" or "fatter" spark and more reliable ignition of thin wall spark plug socket the fuel-air mixture, and since a new plug with sharp edges on the center which spark plugs are best for my car electrode will 1941 ford station wagon spark plugs spark more reliably than an older, eroded plug, experienced mechanics also realize that the maximum gap specified by the engine manufacturer 1988 nissan sentra spark plug gaps is the largest which will spark reliably even with old plugs and a7rtc spark plug will in fact be a bit narrower than necessary to ensure sparking with ac spark plug heat range chart new plugs; therefore, it is possible to set the autolite 303 spark plugs plugs to an extremely wide gap for more reliable ignition in high changing spark plugs in a 98 pontiac grand am gt performance applications, at the cost of having to replace changing spark plugs on a mazda tribute and/or regap the plugs much more frequently, as soon as the tip begins to erode.

Variations on cross reference spark plugs the basic design

Over the years variations on kawasaki spark plug problem the basic spark plug design have attempted to provide either mitsubishi 3000gt spark plug replacement how to better ignition, longer life, or both. Such variations include the use of two, three, or four equally spaced nissan 1988 pick up spark plug firing order ground electrodes poulan spark plug surrounding the center electrode. Other variations include using a recessed center electrode surrounded by the sparkplug thread, which spark plug + ryobi + trimmer effectively becomes the ground electrode. Also there is the use of a spark plug conversion table V-shaped notch in the tip of the ground electrode.

Sealing to the cylinder spark plug diagram gmc truck head

Most spark plugs seal to the cylinder head with spark plug numbers a hollow metal washer which is crushed slightly between the flat surface of spark plugs 1996 johnson outboard the head and that of the plug, just above the threads. If the torque used spark plugs for 1997 gmc truck to install the plugs spark plugs oil foul is not excessive, the washer can be reused when the plug is removed and reinserted, although this spark plugs soaked with fuel practice is, strictly speaking, not recommended and replacement washers are available.

Ford engines, however, spitfire spark plugs were once distinct in using a tapered hole and a matching taper on toyota corolla 2001 spark plugs the bottom of the plug above the threads, in order toyota spark plug ceramic to seal the plug. The torque for installing and removing 1997 geo prizm oe spark plugs these plugs was higher and it was easier to break them if the wrench were 2000 honda accord spark plugs applied partially off axis.

More recently, some types of Ford Fiesta, and Ka also had a similar ac 44 spark plugs sealing ac delco spark plug charts system. The torque required to install these plugs is less than with the above ac spark plug type, and it is extremely critical that they not be overtightened, since overtightening autolite cross plug reference spark can result in it being difficult or impossible to remove them. In addition, they have been known to corrode bosch motorcycle spark plugs into the cylinder bosch platinum spark plugs for motorcycles head, particularly if left in too long between removals. In such a situation, it is not champion spark plug heat ranges unknown for a plug to snap below the hexagonal nut, leaving just the threaded portion (and champion spark plugs usa the outer changing spark plugs in 1999 crown victoria electrode) in the cylinder head. Ford has on occasion issued Technical Service Bulletins reminding technicians to use the chevy spark plug gap correct methods of installation.

Tip protrusion

hot spark plugs how to
Three different sizes of spark plug. The leftmost plug and center plug are identical in how to replace saxo spark plugs threading, electrodes, how to spark plug replacement for mitsubishi 3000gt tip protrusion, and heat range, and may be used interchangeably; the center plug is, however, a compact husaberg spark plug variant, with smaller hex and porcelain portions outside the head, to be isuzu trooper spark plug problem used where space is limited. The rightmost plug has a longer threaded john deere 60 spark plug covers portion, to be used in a thicker cylinder head

The length ngk b7 spark plug of the threaded portion of the plug should be closely matched to the thickness of the pt cruiser spark plugs head. If a plug extends too far into the combustion chamber, it may be struck by the rate spark plugs piston, damaging the engine internally. Less dramatically, if the threads of spark plug boot heat insulation the plug extend into spark plug ld37tc the combustion chamber, the sharp edges of the threads act as point sources of heat spark plug wire failure which may cause preignition; in addition, deposits which form between the exposed spark plugs cars threads may make it difficult to spark plugs suzuki remove the plugs, even damaging the threads on aluminium heads in the process of removal. The protrusion of the tip subaru outback spark plugs into the chamber also tell me what the spark plug gap for ford ka 1999 is affects plug performance, however; the more centrally located the spark gap is, generally the better the ignition of the air-fuel mixture 1989 z24 spark plugs will be, although experts believe the process is 96 honda civic ex spark plug gapping actually much more complex and dependent on combustion chamber shape. On the other hand, if 97 toyota tercel spark plug installation an engine is "burning oil", the 97 yukon spark plug gap excess oil leaking into the combustion chamber tends to foul ac delco spark plug cross reference the plug tip and inhibit the spark; in such cases, a plug with less protrusion than the engine would antique spark plugs normally call for often collects less fouling and auto spark plugs performs better, for a longer period. In fact, special "antifouling" adapters are champion spark plug manufacture sold which fit between the plug and the head to reduce the protrusion of the plug for just this reason, on colored spark plug wire older corvette spark plug engines with severe oil burning problems; this will cause the ignition of the fuel-air mixture to be injection denso fuel injectors spark plugs less effective, but in such cases, this is of lesser significance.

Heat range

The operating temperature of a spark plug is the actual physical temperature at the tip of the lexus spark plug change spark plug within the running engine. This manufacture of champion spark plugs is determined by a number of factors, but primarily the actual temperature within the combustion chamber. There removing spark plugs in kia sedona is no direct relationship between the replace spark plugs chevy trailblazer l6 actual operating temperature of the spark plug and spark voltage. ryobi 790r spark plug gap However the level of torque currently being produced spark plug diagnostic by the engine will strongly influence spark plug operating temperature because the maximum temperature and pressure occurs when the engine is operating near spark plug for 10 hp briggs engine peak torque output (torque and RPM directly determine the power output). spark plug gap + 94 toyota camry The temperature of the insulator responds to spark plug gap for omc motors the thermal conditions it is exposed to in the spark plug manufacturer combustion chamber but not vice versa. If the tip of the spark plug is spark plug readings too hot it can cause pre-ignition leading to detonation/knocking and damage may occur. spark plug wire diagram If it is too cold, electrically conductive deposits spark plug wire looms may form on the insulator causing a loss of spark energy or the actual shorting-out of the spark spark plug wires for motorcycle current.

A spark plug is said to be "hot" if it is a better heat insulator, keeping more spark plugs champion heat in the tip of the spark spark plugs for briggs and stratton lawn mowers plug. A spark plug is said to be "cold" if it can conduct the best spark plugs more heat out of the spark plug tip and lower the toyota sienna spark plug replacement photo tip's temperature. Whether a spark plug is "hot" or "cold" is known as vw spark plug wires the heat range of the spark plug. The ygy spark plugs heat range of a spark plug is typically specified as a number, with some manufacturers using ascending numbers for hotter 1997 volkswagen spark plug gap plugs and others 351 c spark plugs doing the opposite, using descending numbers for hotter plugs.

The heat range of a spark plug a7tc lg spark plug (i.e. in scientific terms its thermal ac spark plug heat range conductivity characteristics) is affected by the construction of the spark plug: the types of materials used, the length of insulator and the acura rl spark plugs surface area of the plug exposed within the combustion chamber. For aircraft spark plugs normal use, the selection of a are split fire spark plugs any good ratings opinions spark plug heat range is a balance between keeping the tip hot enough at idle to prevent fouling and bmw spark plug wires cold enough at maximum power to prevent pre-ignition leading to engine knocking. By bmw z3 changing spark plugs examining "hotter" and "cooler" spark plugs of the same manufacturer side bosch marine spark plugs by side, the principle involved bosch spark plug gap chart can be very clearly seen; the cooler plugs have more substantial ceramic insulators filling the gap between the center electrode briggs and stratton spark plug gap and the shell, effectively carrying cleaning fouled spark plugs off the heat, while the hotter plugs have less ceramic material, cross reference for spark plugs so that the tip is more isolated from the body of the plug and delco racing spark plugs retains heat better.

Heat from the combustion chamber escapes through the exhaust gases, the side walls of dodge chrysler neon spark plugs the cylinder and the spark plug finding the spark plugs on citroen picasso itself. The heat range of a spark plug has only a minute effect fouled spark plugs on combustion chamber and overall engine temperature. A cold plug will not materially cool hemi spark plug seal down an engine's running temperature. (Too hot of a plug may, however, indirectly lead to how does a car spark plug system work a runaway pre-ignition condition that can increase engine temperature.) how to remove spark plugs wire boots from 2002 gmc sierra Rather, the main effect of a "hot" or "cold" plug is to affect the temperature of industrial spark plugs the tip of the infiniti i30 spark plug wires spark plug.

It was common before the modern era of computerized fuel injection to specify at least a kinetic moped spark plugs couple of different heat ranges for plugs for an automobile lexus rx 360 spark plugs engine; a hotter plug for cars which were mazda tribute spark plugs mostly driven mildly around the city, and a colder plug for sustained high mercury outboard spark plug wires speed highway use. This practice has, however, largely become obsolete motorcraft spark plugs data sheets now that cars' fuel/air mixtures and cylinder temperatures are maintained within a narrow range, for purposes of limiting emissions. Racing r44tx spark plugs engines, however, still benefit from picking a proper plug heat range. Very old racing rapid fire spark plugs engines will sometimes have two sets of reading a spark plug plugs, one just for starting and another to be installed once the engine is warmed removing seized spark plugs up, for actually driving review spark plug the car.

Reading spark plugs

The spark plug's firing end will be affected by the internal environment of the combustion chamber. As the small natural gas spark plug type engine spark plug can be removed for inspection, the effects spark plug diagram of combustion on the plug can be examined. An examination, or "reading" of the characteristic spark plug extractor tool markings on the firing end of the spark plug spark plug gap recommendations can indicate conditions within the running engine. The spark plug tip will bear the marks as spark plug gap specification / 1992 eagle talon evidence of what is happening inside the engine. spark plug manufacturer in asia Usually there is no other way to know what is going spark plug oil prevent extension on inside an engine running at peak power. Engine and spark plug manufacturers will spark plug wires for 7.4 liter engine publish information about the characteristic markings in spark plug reading charts (e.g. a general spark spark plugs for trx90ex plug reading chart)

A light brownish discoloration spark plugs gas of the tip of the block indicates spark plugs thread size proper operation; other conditions may indicate malfunction. For example, a sandblasted look to splitfire spark plug the tip of the spark plug means persistent, light detonation is occurring, often unheard. The damage that is occurring to the testing spark plug wires tip of the spark plug is also occurring on the inside toro spark plug of the cylinder. Heavy detonation can cause outright vintage bosch spark plugs breakage of the spark plug insulator and internal volkswagen spark plug gap engine parts before appearing as sandblasted erosion but is easily heard. As another example, 10mm-12mm-14mm spark plug adapters if the plug is too cold, there will be deposits 11/16 spark plug wrench on the nose of the plug. Conversely if the plug is too hot, the porcelain will be porous looking, 1100 vstar spark plugs almost like sugar. The 1982 honda v45 magna spark plugs material which seals the center electrode to the insulator will boil out. Sometimes the end 1993 lincoln town car spark plugs of the plug will appear glazed, as the deposits have melted.

An idling 2001 oldsmobile alero how many spark plugs engine will have a different impact on the spark plugs than one running at full 2002 kia sportage spark plugs throttle. Spark plug readings are only valid for the most 2005 dodge durango spark plugs recent engine operating conditions and running the engine under different conditions may erase 7mm spark plug wire or obscure characteristic marks previously left on the spark plugs. Thus, the most 97 grand am spark plug valuable information is gathered by running accel spark plug wires the engine at high speed and full load, immediately cutting the ignition off and aircraft spark plug wrench stopping without idling or low speed operation and removing best spark plugs the plugs for reading.

Spark plug reading viewers, which are simply combined flashlight/magnifiers, are available to improve the reading of the spark plugs.

bonneville spark plug diagram
Two spark plug viewers

Once again, however, the practice of reading spark plugs has largely become obsolete now that cars' fuel/air bosch spark plugs equivalents mixtures and cylinder temperatures are british spark plug wire maintained within a narrow range, but is still valuable champion spark plug homepage for racing applications.

Indexing spark plugs

A matter of some debate is the "indexing" of plugs upon installation, champion spark plug power sport usually only for high performance or racing applications; change e320 spark plugs this involves installing them so that the open area of the spark gap, not shrouded by the ground electrode, chrysler mini van spark plugs faces the center of clipart of spark plugs the combustion chamber, towards the intake valve, rather than the connection of spark plugs for 1994 dodge caravan wall. Many experts believe that this will maximize the exposure of the fuel-air mixture to the spark, and therefore result in copper spark plug wires better ignition; others, however, believe that this is useful only to densco spark plugs keep the ground electrode out denso motorcycle spark plugs of the way of the piston in ultra-high-compression engines if clearance is insufficient. In any event, this is accomplished by marking the ford ranger spark plug 8 wires location of the gap on the outside fs 110 no spark from plug of the plug, installing it, and noting the direction in which the mark faces; then the plug is removed and additional washers are added so as to change the orientation of the tightened plug. This must be done individually for each plug, as the orientation of the gap with respect to the threads of the shell is random.

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