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The March Superturbo R (or how to replace shift knob Nissan March R, as it's rocker switch on gear shift knob on 2005 malibu ls known in Japan) is a vehicle based on the (K10)March base.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Main 94 ford probe se automatic shift knob automotive gear shift knob carbon fiber equipment
    • 2.1 Engine specs
    • 2.2 Chassis
    • 2.3 Body exterior
    • 2.4 Body interior relation
    • 2.5 Body jdm type r shift knob electrical equipment relation
    • 2.6 Meters
    • 2.7 Warning knob led light neon shift lights
  • 3 Main parameters
  • 4 Rally land rover shift knob replacement parts
  • 5 Special shop, belizean wood shift knob mention
  • 6 External links


The March e36 carbon fiber shift knob Superturbo R was commonly used in the All-Japan Rally Championship The March Superturbo R has a Supercharger info http motors search ebay com and Turbo-charger system Double Charge It equipped it with five m3 illuminated shift knob speed close ratio syncromeshed gearbox. 1993 miata, wood shift knob The interiour has been stripped and its equipped with a factory roll 2000 subaru forester shift knob cage.

Production started in 1988 and ended in 1991.

Form and E‐EK‐10FR.

Engine: Nissan MA MA09ERT

Displacement and 94 ford probe se automatic shift knob with overdrive 930cc OHC x rally classification

The size of this engine enabled this car to race in aluminum leather shift knob g35 2005 oem the 1.4 and 1.6litre classes depening on their class rules.

Main equipment

Engine specs

Battery: 28B17L (24Ah)

Alternator: 12V50A (IC method)

Starter motor: factory oem shift knob g35 at 12V 0.8 kW

Spark plug: BPR6E

Thermostat: 82ºC

Antifreeze: LLC 30%

Rizarbartanc: Standard equipment

Engine oil: 10W-30 (turbo how to remove a shift knob nissan truck SF class)

Oil cooler: (Autech Japan handling)


Viscous LSD

Five speed syncro mesh.

Only rear: infiniti i 30 1996 5-speed shift knob to the suspension.

Special outside diameter stabilizer: 22 mm

Clutch cover: m3 backlit shift knob C180S (400 kg)

Clutch disk: 180CBL (A50)

Transaxle: 5MT (RS5F31V)

Shift knob: nismo 350z shift knob Cancer grip type

Driveshaft: B80D80 type

Suspension F/R: Strut type/four link type

Loading wheel: 5J13

Central cap: black (There is no mark.)

Tyres: 155SR13

Spare: T135/70D15

  1. Brake F: original ml320 shift knob Disk AD18V
  2. Brake R: drum LT18D rsx shift knob 08999-bxk type

Rear wheel braking power controller: DP valve

Twice power device: M18 inch

Steering wheel: Standard two spoke wheel

Steering wheel shift knob firefighter death by gear: Manual steering wheel (R22X)

Body exterior

Windshield glass: 4.7 mm colorless glass laminate

Back window glass: 3.5 mm colorless tempered glass

Side window glass: 3.5 mm colorless tempered glass

F/R bumper: PR bumper for rally (resin color)(color)

Front grill: For rally (diagonal crosspiece black)

Food insulator

Chipping guard

(Firetto protectar made of TPR resin)

Front Food Bulge (air intake Bulge)

Accent stripe: For rally use

Door mirror: Specular adjustment type

Body interior relation

Interior color: Gray

Drivers seat: Racing seat

Reclining mechanism: Standard equipment

Yashet shape: Integral former fall type

Seat material: The overall Ocomou tricot

Seat belt F/R: 3 point harness ELR/2 point harness

Sun visor: Driver's seat (with pocket) and passenger's seat

Assistance strap: 1 piece in reception desk the left

Floor mat: Prannedol

Ashtray: 1 piece (Inn strike)

Mirror: Fsemabayu and dropout expression

Hatch opener

Body electrical equipment relation

Headlamp Type: two halogen lights

Fog lamp: Large upper and lower switch type

(↑ Autech Japan handling Manufacturer option)

Room lamp (two positions)

Heater control lighting

Rear window defogger


Tachometer: Small size

Trip meter

Fuel gauge

Water temperature meter

(another putting) Three ream Sabmatar

(analog clock, voltmeter and boost gauge)

Voltage display region and 6-18V

Boost display region and -700-700 (mmHg)

Warning lights

Brake, exhaust temperature, oil pressure, charge,and Fuel warning light Riadefoccaringecatar (switch building in)

The main beam indicator

Supercharger indicator

(in sub-meter)

Speed warning buzzer

Door switch (for room lamp) driver's seat and passenger's seat Horn

Front wiper: Black and washer synchronization intermittent

Washer tank: Small size (1.5 L)

Air conditioner: Not available if the oil cooler is equipped

Main parameters

Total length x width x total height (mm): 3760 x 1560 x 1450

Wheelbase (mm): 2300

After tread front (mm): 1350/1335

Ground clearance(mm): 155

Room length x width x height (mm): 1715 x 1305 x 1145

Unladen weight: 740 kg (The March Superturbo is 770 kg.)

Riding capacity: Five people (two people in case of type 1, 2, and 3)

Minimum rotation radius: 4.7 m

Ten mode fuel cost: 26.2 km/L (Ministry of Transport examination value)

Engine type: MA09ERT

Four OHC water-cooled series cylinders

(Note: the engine spec refers to the MA09ERT and the March Superturbo.)

Power weight ratio: 6.72

Transmission: Five-speed, manual.

Steering wheel gear form: Rack and pinion

Suspension: Coil type of four/links of Strat type independence

Main brake: Ahead, after.

Disk type/leading-trailing type

TireAhead, after: 155SR13

The cold-weather model is not set.

Rally parts

Roll bar made by Nismo (racing use only)

Large-scale fog lamp made by Nismo (racing use only)

Mudguard made of Nismo (reception desk center Riya) (Standard on type 2)

Nismo steering wheel (Type 2 is standard )

Leather shift knob (Types 1 or 2 are standard.)

Nismo racing harness (Type 1 is equipped normally.)

Tricolor special large-scale coloring (Type 1 is equipped normally.)

(Note besides, the #531 white and the bumper are body color blacks.)

Oil cooler (A normal car is equipped normally even with option equipment and type 1-2.)

Autech Japan option

(The air conditioner cannot be installed at note and the oil cooler installation.)

It equipped it with "Nismo product" in Autech Japan.

Special mention

The vehicle is registered differently due to its use in the All-Japan Rally Championship.

The car registration is radical Mo Cotouroc to the remodeling application at that time excluding a normal car. (Only in Japan.)

External links

  • Double Charge Club pamphlet for March R
  • Detailed Photographs of March R
  • Autech Japan, Inc.
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