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NASA: Atlantis Shuttle's Radiator Struck by Object in September Flight / via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 6:15 AM
An unknown object pierced a radiator mounted to one of two cargo bay doors aboard NASA's shuttle Atlantis during its September spaceflight, but did not endanger the vehicle or its six-astronaut crew at any time, the space agency said Thursday.

NASA finds slight damage to Atlantis radiator panel 
Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Oct 07 2:31 AM
WASHINGTON -- NASA workers inspecting space shuttle Atlantis this week discovered that a tiny piece of space debris had punched a harmless hole in a radiator panel during the shuttle's flight last month.

1-800 Radiator Opens Their First Oregon Outlet 
SYS-CON Media - Oct 06 11:29 PM
This week, auto parts distributor 1-800Radiator officially opened their first Oregon warehouse. Local businessmanDan Hiler owns the Medford outlet. With the opening of his distributionhub, 1-800 Radiator's services are available for the first time tocustomers in Oregon.

1-800 Radiator Opens Franchise Serving Marshfield 
SYS-CON Media - Oct 06 11:29 PM
This Monday 1-800 Radiator announced theopening of their second Wisconsin outlet for business. The new warehouse,located in Marshfield, is owned by David Schnitzler. By teaming up withentrepreneurs like Schnitzler, 1-800 Radiator has more than doubled theirwarehouses and territories.




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This article discusses radiators in automobiles, buildings, and electronics. For planckian radiators see black body. For the album radator by Super Furry Animals, see Radiator (album).

A radiator is a device designed to transfer thermal radietor energy from one medium to another for radaitor the purpose of cooling and heating. This article discusses radiators that are radiater constructed to function in automobiles, buildings, and electronics.


  • 1 Automobiles
  • 2 Buildings
    • 2.1 Conventional radiators radiators
    • 2.2 Steam
    • 2.3 Fan radiator assisted radiators
    • 2.4 Underfloor heating
    • 2.5 Bleeding
  • 3 Electronics


A typical modern automobile radiator

In automobiles with radiator repair an internal combustion engine, a radiator is connected radiator cover to channels running through the engine and cylinder head, through which is cast iron radiator pumped a liquid. This liquid is typically a mixture of water with ethylene glycol (a.k.a. antifreeze).

The fluid moves in a aluminum radiator closed system from the radiator to the engine, where it conducts heat auto radiator away from the engine parts and carries the heat primarily aluminum radiators to the radiator. The radiator is be cool radiators typically mounted behind the vehicle's grille, with cold air driven through the radiator to radiator flush cool the radiator, the fluid inside, and therefore the engine. A system of valves and/or baffles is usually cast iron radiators incorporated to simultaneously operate a fireplace radiator small radiator inside the car; this small radiator is called griffin radiator the heater core and serves to warm the interior cabin. (Noting that heating the discount radiators interior of the car also helps to cool griffin radiators the engine, this is the reason for the mechanic's instruction to turn on the heating system if radiator hose the car is overheating.)

Between the engine and the radiator lies the thermostat, a temperature operated valve. It home radiator covers remains closed, restricting coolant flow, until modine radiator the engine reaches the thermostat's activation temperature. This arrangement allows the engine temperature custom radiators to be maintained in the ideal operating range. When the engine modine radiators is too cold, the thermostat closes and allows heat to build up in the engine. automotive radiators When the engine is too home radiators warm, the thermostat opens and allows heat to be removed by the radiator. Note that designer radiators the size of the radiator is usually chosen such that, when the engine is operating under a normal radiator springs load, the thermostat is constantly open. Also central heating radiator note that the heater core plumbing will usually bypass the thermostat controlled pipes such that the passenger cabin can radiator hoses the radiators be warmed regardless of the thermostat position.

The invention of the automobile water radiator is attributed to Karl Benz. Some corvette radiator engines have an additional oil cooler; a separate small radiator enclosures radiator to cool the motor oil. Turbo charged engines may have an intercooler.


A cast iron household radiator

In buildings, car radiator a radiator is a heating device, which is warmed car radiators by steam from a boiler or hot water being pumped panel radiators into it from a water heater (usually, if not quite accurately, referred radiator cabinets to as a "boiler"). Radiators in building can transfer the majority of their heat by radiation and by radiator duct convection.

Conventional radiators

A conventional hot-water radiator consists of a sealed vw bora radiator hollow metal container, usually flat in shape. 1975 trans am radiator support Hot water enters at one end and rises to the top of the radiator by way of convection nissan radiator or by pressure from a pump elsewhere in radiator tractor the building.

As it gives out its heat, the hot water cools and sinks to '93 mustang aluminum radiator the bottom of the radiator and then is radiators uk forced out of a pipe at the other end. The pipe either has cadillac radiator a large surface area or attached fins to increase its surface area and therefore contact with surrounding air. The air mopar radiator hoses near a radiator is then heated radiators fair and produces a convection current drawing in cold air to heat.

If set up improperly radiators automobile radiators and their supply and radiators exposition return pipes can make loud banging noises like someone hammering on the pipes. This is due to the pipes rubbing on surrounding surfaces while used radiators expanding and contracting due to heat changes, baseboard radiators or by sudden fluctuations of the supplied water pressure. Proper car radiator problems mounting of the radiators and supply pipes will reduce expansion noises, while walker radiator upward-mounted stub ends with a small trapped what are automobile radiators bubble of air (not interfering with flow, as would an unbled radiator) will flush radiator provide a cushion against pressure fluctuations.

Stereotypical cast iron radiators (as pictured) are no longer common in new performance radiator construction, replaced mostly with copper pipes which have aluminum fins performance radiators to increase their surface area.

The radiator was invented in 1855 by Franz SanGalli. He was the first to produce a radiator drain plug operation system of central heating and patented his invention in Germany and the bmw radiator US.


Steam has dodge radiator the advantage of flowing through the pipes under its own pressure without the need for pumping. For this reason, it electric radiator fans was adopted earlier, before electric motors thermostatic radiator valves and pumps became available. Steam is also far easier to distribute than hot water young radiator company throughout large, tall buildings like skyscrapers. However, the higher temperatures steam systems operate at radiator caps make them inherently universal aluminum radiator less efficient, as unwanted heat loss is inevitably greater.

Steam pipes and bathroom radiators radiators are also prone to producing banging sounds if condensate fails to drain properly; this is often caused by buildings settling and the resultant electric radiators pooling of condensate ford radiator fan blade in pipes and radiators that no longer tilt slightly back towards the boiler.

Fan assisted radiators

A more learn radiator repair recent type of heater used in homes is the radiator specialty fan assisted radiator. It contains a heat exchanger fed by hot auto radiators water from the heating system. A thermostatic switch senses the heat farm tractor radiator and energises an electric fan which blows air over the heat exchanger.

Advantages of this type of heater are its radiator bench cover small size and even distribution of heat around the room. Disadvantages are the radiator losing fluid noise produced by the fan, and radiator overflow bottle the need for an electricity supply.

Underfloor heating

During construction, tubing is placed on the floor throughout the room, and later covered silicone radiator hoses with a concrete layer.

The current trend in radiant heating is towards underfloor heating, steam radiators where warm water is circulated under the entire floor of wholesale radiators each room in a building. A network of pipes, tubing or heating cables bmw radiator replace is buried in the floor, and a gentle heat rises into the room. central heating radiators Because of the large area jeep radiator of this type of radiator, the floor only needs to be plastic radiator repair heated a few degrees above the desired room temperature, and as a result, quinn radiators convection is almost non-existent. These systems are reputed to have a high radiator drain plug chevrolet level of comfort, but are generally difficult to install into existing buildings. radiator protection polaris sportsman For best results, a floor covering that conducts heat well (such as tiles) should be used.

The hypocaust was a radiator remote filler necks Roman heating system using a similar principle of operation.


All "radiant" (ie. heat radiates from tractor radiators hot water) systems need to be bled, or purged of air, on occasion.

If there is air trapped inside the truck radiators radiator, then '93 mustang direct-fit aluminum radiator the water cannot rise to the top, and only the bottom area gets hot. cheap radiators A bleed screw near the top of the radiator allows the trapped air to how to build a radiator cover be 'bled' from the system, and thus restore correct operation. Often radiators located on upper floors will radiator flush kit accumulate more air stainless steel radiator hose than ones on lower floors as the air will tend to rise to the topmost point in truck radiator the system. These may have to be bled more often. Usually radiators are bled once or twice car radiator repairs per freightliner radiators season, or as needed. Another reason to exclude air is to minimise corrosion of the steel pressed radiators.


In electronics, radiator inlet port a radiator is also known as a radiating element. Radiating victorian radiators elements are a basic subdivision of an antenna. Radiating elements are capable of transmitting or receiving electromagnetic energy.

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