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pedals in the news

A special order as sign fight goes to court 

The Star-Ledger - Oct 07 10:35 PM
When Pizzeta Enoteca's owners look outside, they see a bright red delivery bike with a food warming box and a shiny metal rack. But Livingston officials do not see two wheels and pedals.

News: Guitar Rig 2 Software Edition coming in Nov. 
MacCentral Online - Oct 06 10:26 AM
Native Instruments is readying a software only-based version of Guitar Rig 2, its software which models amps, cabinets, mics and sound pedals for electric and bass guitars.

Björk Embraces Nudity in Racy New Video 
Pitchfork - Oct 08 1:22 AM
For years, men have pined for just a glimpse-- a single glimpse-- of Björk in the flesh. That time, friends, has finally arrived. Björk has cut a second video for Vespertine , for the song "Pagan Poetry" (also derogatorily referred to as "The 'I Love Him' Song" in some circles).

Obituary: Thelma H. West / Co-owned funeral home 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 07 9:11 PM
Thelma H. West, a Hill District native and music lover who co-owned a funeral home and was active in church and community endeavors, died Wednesday of complications associated with Alzheimer's disease in Canterbury Place in Bloomfield. She was 88.




- pedal cars

- pedal pumping

The word pedal comes from the Latin (Pes, Pedis) and relates to the foot.

A pedal is a lever activated by one's foot. Examples include:

  • An automobile has pedal usually three pedals, from left to right:
    • operated by the left foot:
      • clutch pedal pedas (except in the case of automatic transmission)
    • operated by pedal pumping the right foot:
      • brake pedal, which is usually wide and pedal cars elevated well above the car floor
      • accelerator: controls air supply to the automobile's engine. It is usually narrow and close foot pedal to the car floor allowing the driver's heel to midi pedal rest on the car floor.
  • Bicycle pedal: on a bicycle, each of two pedal car platforms at the end of the crankarms, connected such that while the crank arms rotate, pedal pumping clips the pedals can stay parallel to the shoe soles; this women pedal pumping human powered rotation provides the propulsion, usually through a bicycle chain that gas pedal pumping makes the back wheel turn. In the case of a pump that pedal maria back pedalling brake, they are also used for applying the brake in the back bike pedals wheel, again through the chain.
  • A pedalo is a toy pedal cars small boat, usually used for recreational purposes, powered by pedals.
  • Most pianos have pedal boats two or three piano pedals
  • Pipe and electronic organs have a pedalboard, which contains approximately pedal supreme one dozen to three dozen pedals that resemble pedal harps the keyboards (or "manuals"); when one of these pedal pumping videos pedals is depressed, it causes a note (or group of notes) to sound.
  • Effects pedal used commonly cranking and pedal pumping for electric guitars
  • Tap pedal: this is a small electronic pedal, similar or identical to the ones bicycle pedals used with synthesizers, but is connected to audio effects left foot gas pedals equipment, a music sequencer, or drum machine. The purpose is to pedal harp music tap the pedal in time with the music, which allows the sequencer or drum machine lowrider pedal bikes for sale to stay "in-sync". When connected to light pedal audio effects, it can be used to "tap in" the length pedal boat for a digital delay or flange, or to cause an effect loop to be bypassed.
  • Pedal tone: a nonchord tone, usually the pedal steel guitar tonic or dominant held for an extended period of pedal valves time.
  • Pedal pumping is the sexual fetish of seeing women use pedals, usually in cars.

In Geometry:

  • a pedal antique pedal cars triangle is obtained by pedal projecting a point onto the sides of a triangle.
  • a pedal curve is a curve derived by boss pedals construction from a given curve.
  • a pedal (Педал) in Bulgarian pedal exerciser refers to homosexual male.
  • Not to be confused with a gas pedal paddle or petal.
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