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Pine Bluff Commercial - Oct 07 8:53 PM
The first 100 block of Main Street began to take on a new look Saturday morning as about 65 volunteers and a commercial paint company painted the buildings as part of the “Paint the Ole Towne” downtown renovation effort.

September jobs below expectations 
Muzi - Oct 07 7:13 AM
U.S. employers added a scant 51,000 jobs in September, far fewer than expected, but the job count for prior months was revised up and earnings moved higher, dimming financial market hopes for interest rate cuts next year.

Engelhard Buyout Will Cost N.J. Jobs ; BASF Planning to Close a Facility 
RedNova - Oct 06 1:12 PM
By JACK KASKEY, BLOOMBERG NEWS BASF AG, the world's largest chemical company, plans to cut jobs in New Jersey within a month on the heels of its recent $5 billion buyout of Engelhard Corp.

Engelhard buyout will cost N.J. jobs - Oct 06 6:20 AM
BASF AG, the world's largest chemical company, plans to cut jobs in New Jersey within a month on the heels of its recent $5 billion buyout of Engelhard Corp.

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- sales jobs with paint companies middle east

- car paint jobs

This is a list of paint job characters from the 2006 Disney/Pixar film, Cars.


  • 1 Radiator Springs Populace
    • 1.1 Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment Rear End Formula paint jods team
      • 1.1.1 #95 car paint jobs Lightning McQueen
      • 1.1.2 #51 Doc Hudson
      • 1.1.3 Guido
      • 1.1.4 Mack
      • 1.1.5 Harv
    • 1.2 Tow sales jobs with paint companies middle east Mater
    • 1.3 Sally motorcycle paint jobs Carrera
    • 1.4 Ramone
    • 1.5 Luigi
    • 1.6 Flo
    • 1.7 Sheriff
    • 1.8 Fillmore
    • 1.9 Sarge
    • 1.10 Lizzie
    • 1.11 Red
    • 1.12 Mia paint jobs cool car paint jobs automotive car paint jobs and Tia
    • 1.13 Frank
    • 1.14 Tractors
    • 1.15 Bessie
    • 1.16 Stanley
    • 1.17 Rusty paint and coatings jobs and Dusty Rust-eze
  • 2 Dinoco custom paint jobs on cars Team and Associates
    • 2.1 #43 Strip "The King" Weathers
    • 2.2 Mrs. The King Weathers
    • 2.3 Tex
    • 2.4 Dinoco custom paint jobs on motorcycles Helicopter
    • 2.5 Dinoco cool paint jobs Gals
  • 3 Hostile custom paint jobs for trucks Takeover Bank team
    • 3.1 #86 Chick "Hicks" Murphy
    • 3.2 Chick Hicks's Pit paint and coatings jobs in los angeles Crew
  • 4 Other car custom paint jobs picture Racers
    • 4.1 #52 Leakless
    • 4.2 #28 Nitroade
    • 4.3 #8 Junior
    • 4.4 #80 Creme-Filled Gaskits
    • 4.5 #84 corvette paint jobs automotive paint jobs Re-Volting
    • 4.6 #70 Gasprin
    • 4.7 #101 Tack-O-Mints
    • 4.8 #93 Spare Mint
    • 4.9 #82 Shiny Wax
    • 4.10 #33 cars custom paint jobs vehicles Mood Springs
    • 4.11 #56 Fiber Fuel
    • 4.12 #34 custom car truck paint jobs Trunk Fresh
    • 4.13 #117 custom automotive paint jobs california Lil' Torquey Pistons
    • 4.14 #123 No Stall
    • 4.15 #64 race car paint jobs modified RPM
    • 4.16 #84 Apple Computer
    • 4.17 #58 Octane Gain
    • 4.18 #51 Easy Idle
    • 4.19 #79 red white blue car paint jobs pics Retread
    • 4.20 #61 cheap car paint jobs Vitoline
    • 4.21 #36 Tank cool truck paint jobs Coat
    • 4.22 #73 Rev-N-Go
    • 4.23 #68 N20
    • 4.24 #76 Vinyl Toupee
    • 4.25 #54 Faux Wheel Drive
    • 4.26 #121 custom car paint jobs picture Clutch-Aid
    • 4.27 #90 Bumper custom truefire car paint jobs Save
    • 4.28 #4 Tow Cap
    • 4.29 #92
    • 4.30 #35
  • 5 Racecars motorcycle custom paint jobs california in the Teaser Trailer
    • 5.1 #57 paint manufacturing jobs Lightning McQueen (Corrosion Seal )
    • 5.2 #52 pictures custom paint jobs cars Vitoline
    • 5.3 #13 Nitroade
    • 5.4 #65 Trunk Fresh
  • 6 Track Officials
    • 6.1 Marco
    • 6.2 Flag pictures of custom car paint jobs Truck
    • 6.3 Pace red white and blue car paint jobs Car
  • 7 Reporters
    • 7.1 Kori Turbowitz
    • 7.2 Camera bay area custom car paint jobs Car
    • 7.3 Japanese News Reporter
  • 8 The Delinquent car paint jobs picture Road Hazards
    • 8.1 Boost
    • 8.2 DJ
    • 8.3 Wingo
    • 8.4 Snot custom paint jobs cars motorcycles Rod
  • 9 Announcers
    • 9.1 Darrell paint jobs car Cartrip
    • 9.2 Bob all american soap box derby car custom paint jobs Cutlass
  • 10 Motorhomes
    • 10.1 Lightning McQueen's Biggest Fan
    • 10.2 Elvis RV
    • 10.3 Yahoo
    • 10.4 Right
    • 10.5 "K full car paint jobs in kyle texas full car paint jobs kyle texas I N G" Motorhomes
  • 11 Stadium Race Fans
    • 11.1 Fred
    • 11.2 Jay pictures of car paint jobs Limo
    • 11.3 Souvenir Car
    • 11.4 Jets
    • 11.5 Purple Fan
    • 11.6 Bi-Plane
  • 12 Motorsports proffesional car paint jobs in chicago Superstars race car paint jobs and Associates
    • 12.1 Michael car paint jobs pricing Schumacher
    • 12.2 Michael Schumacher's Friends
    • 12.3 Mario Andretti
    • 12.4 Mario Andretti's Wife
  • 13 Minor custom car paint jobs st louis2c mo SUVs
    • 13.1 Governator
    • 13.2 Poser "Never Been Off-Road" SUV
    • 13.3 Mattress-Carrying jobs roswell georgia faux finish plaster paint SUV
  • 14 Other Characters
    • 14.1 Peterbilt
    • 14.2 A113
    • 14.3 Mini la car paint jobs and Van
    • 14.4 Bugs
  • 15 Pixar red white blue car paint jobs Spoofs
    • 15.1 Woody
    • 15.2 Buzz wild paint jobs Lightyear
    • 15.3 Hamm
    • 15.4 Flik
    • 15.5 PT car paint jobs 4 cheap Flea
    • 15.6 Mike Wazowski
    • 15.7 Sulley
    • 15.8 Ambominable car paint jobs com Snowplow
  • 16 Miscellaneous
    • 16.1 Dinoco car paint jobs edesings McQueen
    • 16.2 Dinoco Chick
    • 16.3 Dinoco custom paint jobs for motorcycles Frank
    • 16.4 Big Al
    • 16.5 Doreen

Radiator Springs paint jobs for your car Populace

Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment Rear End Formula team

#95 Lightning McQueen

Main article: pictures car paint jobs Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is pictures custom paint jobs for semi trucks the main protagonist in the film. He is a rookie racecar, and he discovers the remote town of automobile paint jobs Radiator Springs when he accidentally ends up on Route 66, and thinks car pearl paint jobs he is on Interstate 40. He is voiced by Owen Wilson.

Lightning McQueen.

#51 Doc cheap paint jobs for cars Hudson

Main article: Doc Hudson

Doc Hudson is one of the remaining denziens of Radiator Springs. He is the town doctor (or custom car paint jobs in indiana "mechanic") at the Ornament Valley Mechanic Clinic, hence custom motorcycle paint jobs california the name "Doc" Hudson.

Doc Hudson was a custom paint jobs for cars famous racer called the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, and had won three customize car paint jobs Piston Cups. He got in a near-fatal fire paint jobs accident in the qualifying race of his fourth season, which took him off the tracks graphic exterior car paint jobs for some time.

He returned to the track only to pearl car paint jobs be told that he had been replaced by a rookie and wasn't wanted anymore. This gives us pearlescent car paint jobs the background on why Doc is somewhat cold to McQueen.

Later in arion 51 50 custom motorcycle paint jobs the show, on McQueen's race against the King and Chick, Doc realizes his mistakes, and blue pearl paint jobs brings almost all of Radiator Springs with him as McQueen's pit crew. After Lightning's noble helping car paint jobs for less of The King, Doc opts to car paint jobs in conyers ga stay on as Lightning's trainer.

Voiced by Paul Newman.


Main article: Guido (Cars)

Voiced by Guido Quaroni.


Main article: custom car paint jobs in st louis2c mo Mack (Cars)

Voiced by John Ratzenberger.


Harv is Lightning McQueen's agent. He is heard how to bid paint jobs only twice in the movie, when Lightning and Mack are en route motorcycle motorcylce custom paint jobs to the tiebreaker race, by voice. When Harv paint jobs car sale contacts Lightning when the latter is found in Radiator Springs, Harv misinterprets the town's name and says paint jobs for a car "Radiation Stinks". He talks to Lightning via a radio built into Mack's paint jobs for cars trailer.

Although uncredited, Harv is voiced by veteran pictures of cool car paint jobs TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC's Top Gear. In the US release of the price of car paint jobs in edmonton movie Jeremy Piven is the voice of Harv.

Tow Mater

Main article: remote control car and truck paint jobs Mater

Voiced by Daniel Lawrence Whitney, who is credited as Larry the Cable Guy.

Sally Carrera

Main article: Sally Carrera

Voiced by Bonnie Hunt. 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera were to find paint jobs (Type 996).

Sally grew tired of the rat 67 chevelle paint jobs race as a lawyer in Los Angeles. She visited Radiator Springs and never went back. She is brown car paint jobs the town attorney and is keen on preserving the town.


Main article: Ramone (Cars)

Ramone is candy paint jobs for a car voiced by Cheech Marin. He is one of the twelve cars left in the car paint jobs in edmonton fictional town of Radiator Springs, and is married to Flo, another car in the town. car paint jobs located in dallas Ramone runs a body art car restoration paint jobs for cars in chicago shop ("Ramone's House of Body Art"), and is the source for Lightning's red-and-white offseason paint job. Ramone is usually purple with yellow and custom car paint jobs pictures orange flames on his side, but has been seen custom european motorcycle paint jobs with either a green, red, or yellow paint job in the movie; In custom paint jobs and cars the die cast Cars toy line so far they've come out with three custom paint jobs in motorcycle Ramones, each styling a different paint job from paint jobs for car the movie: Ramone & Flo, a double pack with purple Ramone and wife Flo, Ramone #1, the neon green paint job paint jobs for cars in toms river and paint jobs on cars Ramone #2, the vibrant yellow Ramone. He also has a set of hydraulics underneath his carriage.


Main Article: Luigi (Cars)

Voiced by Tony Shalhoub.


Main aricle: Flo (Cars)

Voiced by pink muscle car paint jobs Jenifer Lewis.


Main article: Sheriff (Cars)

Voiced by Michael Wallis


Main article: Fillmore (Cars)

Voiced by George Carlin.


Main article: Sarge (Cars)

Voiced by Paul Dooley.


Cars character
Model 1923 Ford car sand trucks pic with cool paint jobs for skren Model T
Gender Female
Eye Color Grey
Color Black
Voice Actor Katherine Helmond

Lizzie is a 1923 Ford Model T voiced by Katherine Helmond. Dotty but friendly, chevelle paint jobs she is the widow of Radiator Springs' founder, Stanley, and the elderly owner cost for car paint jobs of a roadside souvenir and accessory shop. custom car paint jobs lighting bolts When Lightning shows how much he contributed to the city's lighting, she says to the Stanley monument custom paint jobs for airplanes outside of Red's firehouse, "If only you were here to see this, Stanley." She appeared to be interested in Lightning before custom paint jobs for mustangs he fell in love with Sally. Her name is derived from custom paint jobs motorcycle tanks the original designs for paint jobs on a car Model T's nickname of 'Tin Lizzie.' She is currently the rarest model in Mattel's die-cast estimate house paint jobs lineup, because of being shipped in lower numbers, and because several collectors wanted to guitar paint jobs get the character because she is a Model T.


Main article: Red (Cars)

Voiced by kolor custom paint jobs on cars the late Joe Ranft.

Mia and Tia

Cars character
Mia and Tia
Model 1990 Madza Miatas
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Color Red
Voice Actor Lindsay Collins macco paint jobs (Mia) and Elissa Knight (Tia)

Mia and motorcycle paint jobs las vegas Tia are twin sisters. They are Lightning's number-one fans, but during Lightning's sojourn in Radiator Springs, they support Chick until nascar 2003 car paint jobs he pushes The King paint jobs on your car off the track, the twins are even seen booing at him pics of customn paint jobs on car s along with the rest of the crowd. In the video game, they are volunteer workers at Flo's V8 Café (also in the picture of custom paint jobs epilogue), and Sally challenges them to a race after picture of two tone custom paint jobs on trucks they interrupt her conversation with Lightning.


Frank is a Kubota orange combine harvester and the guardian of the tractors that resembles a bull. After Lightning prices of car paint jobs McQueen's first encounter with Frank, Lightning has a nightmare truck paint jobs that he, The King, and Chick Hicks are beaten by Frank himself in the tie-breaker race—in fact, Chick gets shredded, and www car paint jobs his remains are shot out of Frank's straw chute. Voiced by Tom Mayers.


The tractors (resembling automotive paint chemist jobs tn cows) appear when Mater and Lightning go tractor tipping (similar to cow tipping). According to Mater, they are quite dumb. Voiced by Tom automotive paint jobs perl white Mayers. They best car paint jobs are Chewall tractors.


Bessie is the asphalt paver whom Lightning McQueen uses to repair the damage car paint jobs in connecticut that he had inadvertedly done to Radiator Spring's car paint jobs in toronto main road. She has a tendency of boiling over, and large air bubbles have been known to burst, sending hot asphalt onto anyone car paint jobs new who is unlucky enough to car paint jobs new hampshire be told to pull her, ruining their paint jobs—in fact, Lightning gets asphalt over car paint jobs of kansas his own paint job, and even after a hose-down by Big Red, a car paint jobs places in south florida speck of asphalt remains throughout the film, covering the shiny lightning bolt on his right side.

Lightning, desperately wanting to make chopper paint jobs it to the tie-breaker race on time, crazy car paint jobs hastily completes his first run, botching the job, and, after losing Doc Hudson's racing challenge by misjudging the custom car paint jobs com first tight turn and landing in some cacti, Lightning has to make up custom car paint jobs in north carolina for it by pulling her again. custom electric bass paint jobs In this second run, however, Bessie runs out of asphalt in the middle of the night, and Lightning takes advantage custom fire paint jobs in washington by trying the tight turn, but he still fails. When Lightning finally finished the make-up run, custom paint jobs acura integras everyone thought that Lightning had left custom paint jobs on car and truck without saying good-bye, making Big Red burst into tears. custom paint jobs on cars in atlanta However, Lightning does not really leave until trying the service in each of the town's businesses, repairing the town's custum car paint jobs lighting system, and being whisked away by f250 custom paint jobs Mack and a mob of news reporters.

At the end of the film, Bessie appears once more. This time, she is funny paint jobs on trucks being pulled by The Delinquent Road Hazards, whom Sheriff had impounded for kameleon paint jobs speeding. As she did with Lightning, she boils over, ruining their paint maco car paint jobs jobs.

Unlike the other characters in the film, Bessie is just like a normal asphalt paver, needing to motorcycle motorcycle custom paint jobs be pulled by a car, and is north carolina custom car paint jobs not antropmorphic like the main characters in the film.


Stanley is Radiator Springs' late founder and was Lizzie's husband. He is only seen in a photograph and as a statue. He happens to paint jobs on 1992 lexus sc400 car pictures be a cross between a 1909 Ford Model T and a Stanley photos of car paint jobs Steamer.

Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze

The Rust-eze Brothers, Rusty and pics of car with nice paint jobs Dusty, are the spokescars for Rust-Eze, the team that sponsors Lightning. Rusty is a pictures of nice car paint jobs 1964 Dodge A100, and Dusty, a 1963 Dodge Dart V10. They are voiced proffesional car paint jobs by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, respectively. The characters were originally show car paint jobs named to "Clink and Clunk", a reference to the Car Talk hosts' on-air nicknames special car paint jobs of "Click and Clack". The '63 Dart bears an intentional resemblance to Ray's famous green Dart, named sprint car paint jobs "The Dartre".

Dinoco Team and Associates

#43 Strip "The King" Weathers

Main article: top 10 car paint jobs The King (Cars)

Strip "The King" Weathers is a trible paint jobs legendary racer, and in the beginning of the show, he's taking on tweety paint jobs his final race before he retires. He, virtual automotive paint jobs Chick, and McQueen are the three running rivals. He's also, being a long time racer, quite wise and even gives McQueen a pep vw paint jobs talk after their race, scolding McQueen slightly for ignoring his pit stop.

At the end of the automotive paint chemist jobs in tn show, The King automotive stores near hyannis ma paint jobs suffers a horrific crash after being pushed off the race track by Chick Hicks. Lightning sees this and, best car paint jobs calgary remembering what happened to Doc Hudson when he was racing, stops right before the camouflage car paint jobs finish line, allowing Chick to win the race.

Backing up, car decals paint jobs he goes to the beaten-up King and proceeds to push The car paint jobs and stickers King all the way back to cross the finish line, putting The King in second and finishing in car paint jobs earl schribb last as a result.

Voiced by car paint jobs in nyc Richard Petty.

Mrs. The King Weathers

Mrs. The King Weathers is car paint jobs in oregon The King's wife. She is voiced by Lynda Petty, Richard Petty's real-life wife.


Tex, a 1975 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, is the car paint jobs in raleigh owner of Dinoco and the friend of The King "Strip Weathers". Voiced by Humpy car paint jobs in san diego for cheap Wheeler.

Dinoco Helicopter

The Dinoco helicopter is a car paint jobs in the bronx part of the company that sponsors Strip "The King" car paint jobs in waldorf Weathers. He/she gives Mater a ride at the end of the movie.

Dinoco Gals

The Dinoco gals are car paint jobs in woking show girls who promote Dinoco. They are seen sporting the 'Dinoco Blue' color.

Hostile Takeover Bank car paint jobs new york team

#86 Chick car restoration paint jobs cars chicago "Hicks" Murphy

Main article: Chick Hicks

Voiced by Michael Keaton. Chick Hicks is a green ruthless racecar who car rim and paint jobs is doing everything possible to win the Dinoco sponsorship. In the end of the movie, he car sparkle paint jobs rams into The King, cauing The King to spin out coatings paint tinting technicians jobs onto the infeild, beaten, dented and unable to crazy custom paint jobs on motorcycles with jack daniels move. Luckily, Lightning McQueen pushes him over the finish line, putting The King in 2nd and custimize car paint jobs McQueen in 3rd.

Chick Hicks is close being very custom electric guitar paint jobs rare in the diecast lineup due to him being the villain. Pixar feared that kids wouldn't want the toys representing a villain.

custom paint jobs of trucks
Chick Hicks

Chick Hicks's Pit Crew

Chick Hicks's pit crew is another group of forklifts who mainly give gas and change tires for Chick. custon car paint jobs They make fun of dupont car paint jobs Guido before he demonstrates his lightning-fast tire changing, and they drop their false moustaches in disbelief. Their names how much are paint jobs on a car are unknown.

Other Racers

The 40 kolor custom paint jobs cars other cars McQueen, Chick Hicks, and The King are pitted against. [NOTE: maco paint jobs In the Cars Video Game, most of the racers use McQueen's model, The King and Chick Hicks being motorcycle paint jobs near las vegas notable exceptions.]

#52 Leakless

Leakless is an additional Piston Cup racer. He is a Chevrolet Monte Carlo and is paint and body jobs in south carolina yellow at the front, paint jobs for car in black around the tires, yellow again, white from the door panels to the back tires, and black with Leakless Adult drip pans paint jobs ireland stickers. He is one of several paint tinting technicians jobs cars involved in "The Big One" (started by Chick). He also helped Lightning leap up photo animated car paint jobs into the air and made a photo27s custom paint jobs cars pose to the audience. In the video game, the "Leakless" racecar's name is Hollister and goes under the number 282, but doesn't look similar to photo27s of custom paint jobs Leakless in the movie.

#28 Nitroade

Nitroade is another additional racecar. His main colours are black with an red white and blue car paint jobs pics orange Nitroade logo on his side. Nitroade is also one of the hardest cars to find in the die cast model specialty car fire paint jobs oregon usa range, sportbike paint jobs along with Leakless. He is a Ford Taurus. In the video game, his number is two tone paint jobs pictures 52 and goes under the name of Joltsen. His sponsor is based off of the Real urethane paint jobs sports drink, Gatorade.

#8 Junior

Cars character
Model 2002 Standard NASCAR Stock Car Body
Gender Male
Color Red
Voice Actor Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Junior is car paint jobs blue a fan of The car paint jobs by jimmy g King, since he is almost always around The King. Voiced by Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and Junior is car paint jobs for Dale Jr.'s No. 8 racecar minus the Budweiser sponsorship. Junior's car paint jobs for cheap trailer says "Dale Earnhardt Jr." which confirms that he car paint jobs in maitland fl is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Unlike most of the Piston Cup racecars, he is not car paint jobs in orange county seen in the video game.

#80 Creme-Filled Gaskits

The #80 Creme-Filled Gaskits racer is a colorful racecar. He could car paint jobs in surrey be a Nissan Silvia, as his headlight decals and grille resemble car paint jobs macco Wingo's.

#84 Re-Volting

The #84 Re-Volting racer is another checkered roof car paint jobs red and black race car. Often confused with the #79 Retread Car by fans. For choosing the right color for car paint jobs some odd reason, there is another #84 car in the race.

#70 Gasprin

The #70 Gasprin racer is coatings and paint handling jobs a blue racecar.

#101 Tack-O-Mints

The brown coatings jobs and paint careers in chemistry & white Candy Cane style car. In the videogame, his name is Guenther and his number is 119.

#93 Spare Mint

A blue racecar.

#82 Shiny Wax

A green cool paint jobs for cars vortex-looking car.

#33 Mood Springs

The dark blue race cost of car paint jobs car with springs on his paint job. After getting badly damaged while everyone (except Lightning) headed to the pits, he refused costs of car paint jobs to go into the pits & wants to continue the race. There is a custom 240z paint jobs possibility that he custom airbrush motorcycle paint jobs had the same crash as the Hudson Hornet and the King later on in the film. Also, his crash could be based on Robert Pressley's crash custom car paint jobs in ma in the 1997 Daytona 500. His last words in custom car paint jobs in massachusetts the film,"Don't take me out, coach! I can still race!!" custom color paint jobs for your car His sponsor's text could be based off of Mopar or MOOG.

#56 Fiber custom fire paint jobs washington Fuel

The car with the wheat on him.

#34 Trunk Fresh

A black & green race car custom mack truck paint jobs with flower-like stars on him. In the custom metal flake paint jobs and pictures video game, he has the number 56 on him.

#117 Lil' Torquey Pistons

A blue race car with custom paint jobs for car a red circle that custom paint jobs on guitars sponsors Lil' Torquey Pistons. In the video game, his Race Car number is #101 & custom paint jobs on new voltswagon bugs he is known as Lee Jr.

#123 No Stall

The red (with checkered flag stripes) race car that crashed into el camino paint jobs Leakless during the big wreck, causing Leakless flammed car paint jobs to flip onto him. In the video game, his sponsor is Clutch Aid and goes under the Name funny car paint jobs of Suregrip.

#64 RPM

A yellow Piston Cup race car. In the Video Game his number is 64 georgia car paint jobs gothic custom paint jobs on trucks and goes under the name of Riley.

#84 Apple Computer

This white race car's number represents the year that Apple's Macintosh hit the market along how to make cool car paint jobs with Apple Computer.

#58 Octane Gain

This orange information on car paint jobs and cost race car appears to be a Toyota Camry, which NASCAR will m24 paint jobs start using in 2007.

#51 Easy Idle

In the Video Game, He goes under the name Aikens and is Sponsored military paint jobs for trucks by Vitoline.

#79 Retread

Blue racecar often confused with mini paint jobs the #84 Re-Volting Car. In the Video Game, he is red and his sponsor is Re-Volting.

#61 Vitoline

A green racecar.

#36 Tank Coat

A pink racecar.

#73 Rev-N-Go

A hardly seen racecar.

#68 N20

Official sponsor of the N20 Cola paint jobs and coatings formulations Boost uses.

#76 Vinyl paint jobs and coatings in furniture Toupee

#54 Faux Wheel Drive

A green and blue race car.In the video game he has the number 191

#121 Clutch-Aid

In the paint jobs for a gas powered car Video Game, He is sponsored by No Stall, he and Clutch Aid paint jobs for a race car (#123) swapped sponsors.

#90 Bumper Save

An aqua green & white paint manufacture jobs race car.

#4 Tow Cap

A white pictures of custom motorcycle paint jobs and purple race car. In the video game he has the number 54.



Racecars in the Teaser pinewood derby car paint jobs Trailer

The racers that are seen pool ball car paint jobs in the teaser.

#57 Lightning McQueen (Corrosion Seal )

Became #95 Lightning McQueen (Rust-eze.) Also, Corrosion Seal has a seal on its pricing paint jobs logo, although seals don't exist in the Cars world. The same goes san diego car paint jobs for the logos of soap box car paint jobs Dinoco and Ferrari.

#52 Vitoline

Became #61 Vitoline.

#13 Nitroade

Became #28 Nitroade. He is green and has surfboard paint jobs the number 13, which are both said to bring sweet jobs car paint bad luck to a NASCAR driver.

#65 Trunk Fresh

Became #34 Trunk Fresh.

Track Officials


Marco is texas american soap box derby car custom paint jobs a security car who appears before the race wild car paint jobs with Fred.

Flag Truck

The flag truck holds the flags to control the Piston Cup races, the black and green paint jobs "Official".

Pace Car

The pace car is the car black car paint jobs who alerts cars that a racer is going to the pits. Could be a car custom paint jobs picture 0a Porshe or a Camaro.


Kori Turbowitz

Kori Turbowitz is a fictional reporter car. Voiced by Sara car flake paint jobs Clark. She looks car jobs paint like a Ford Puma.

Camera Car

The camera car is one of the few car reporters who is featured a little. car paint jobs for colorado He is mainly shown holding a camera.

Japanese News car paint jobs in harford county Reporter

The Japanese news reporter, a Chibi female car paint jobs in maryland four-door, is a minor car who appears after Lightning turns up missing at California.

The Delinquent Road Hazards

Main article: The Delinquent chea car paint jobs Road Hazards


Boost is the classic car paint jobs leader of The Delinquent Road Hazards, a four pack of cars that tamper with Mack. His N20 cool muscle car paint jobs Cola cylinders allow him to go super-fast, custom car candy paint jobs in dallas and his fluorescent lighting emits a purple glow. He is a somewhat cross between custom car paint jobs in spartanburg an Eagle Talon and a 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Boost sports one of custom flame paint jobs on trucks pictures the most detailed paint jobs in the Mattel diecast lineup. He has violet metal flake paint and simulated carbon fiber hood and wheel wells along custom paint jobs for guitar with N20 decals on his boosters.


DJ is one of the three cars that Boost leads. He can play music from his large custom paint jobs on car pictures stereo system, and custom paint jobs on cars and motorcycles his fluorescent lighting emits a blue glow. He appears to be a 2004 Toyota Scion xB.


Wingo is one of the three cars that Boost leads. He sports a ladder of spoilers. custom ps2 paint jobs His fluorescent lighting glows green. He is a 2000 Nissan Silvia S15. The decals on dodge ram d50 custom paint jobs his sides read IMPO-TO which is import in Japanese.

Snot Rod

Snot Rod is one of the three cars that Boost leads. He kitchen paint and finishing jobs can shoot flames when he sneezes out lowrider paint jobs of his mufflers that jut upward from his sides, but his "allergies" can be a hindrance to their maaco paint jobs pranks. His fluorescent lighting emits an orange glow. He is a 1970 Plymouth pearl paint jobs AAR Barracuda.


Darrell Cartrip

Darrell Cartrip is an announcer photo27s of custom paint jobs on cars at the Piston Cup races. He is a 1976 Chevrolet pics of awlgrip paint jobs Monte Carlo. Could be a former Piston Cup Racer due to his looks & wheels. Voiced by Darrell Waltrip, his character being an pictures nice car paint jobs obvious pun pictures of custom paint jobs on cars on his name. He raced a 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo with stacked headlights. He often raced with the number pictures of custom rebel flag paint jobs 17. Darrell is fond of colorful flame paint schemes. "Boogity boogity boogity!" is prices for car paint jobs what Waltrip's character utters as the tiebreaker race starts. The real-life Darrell also prices on car paint jobs utters this at the start of every NASCAR race and during some restarts. Also, right after the multicar wreck pricings on automotive paint jobs starts, Darrell announces: "Trouble!" This r c car paint jobs is the same word usually said by NASCAR commentators during or after a wreck.

Bob Cutlass

Bob Cutlass is show truck paint jobs an announcer at the Piston Cup races and friend toward suped up car paint jobs Darrell Cartrip. He is a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora. Voice by Bob Costas, who is well known tricked out paint jobs motorcycles for his various works on NBC. Although the name is a 1979 harley sportster original paint jobs reference to the Oldsmobile Cutlass, which is said to automobile cutom paint jobs be the best-known model name for the General Motors beautiful car paint jobs division that was discontinued after 2004, he is actually shown as an Aurora.. Just black pearl paint jobs like Darrell Cartrip, the name "Bob Cutlass", is a pun on "Bob Costas", his voice actor.


Lightning McQueen's Biggest Fan

Lightning McQueen's Biggest Fan (self-proclaimed car customizing paint jobs exterior as such because of his size) is a motorhome race fan. Voiced By Douglas car dealerships that do paint jobs in the 63033 area Mater Keever. The red flags on his side say,"McQueen's Biggest Fan." The other motor homes car keying paint jobs find him loud.

Elvis RV

Elvis RV is a minor character who only says "Uh…" in car paint jobs 2 the film. She is featured in car paint jobs artistic the Super Bowl commercial and is a lover of both Sheryl Crow and Elvis Presley. Voiced by Sheryl Crow car paint jobs in herself.


Yahoo is another motorhome race fan. Voiced by Larry Benton.


Right is yet another Motorhome race car paint jobs in dallas fan who is also voiced by Larry Benton.

"K I car paint jobs in mexico N G" Motorhomes

The "K I car paint jobs in morris county N G" motorhomes are four different motor home race fans in blue who each have car paint jobs in new york a letter that spells King on their face.

Stadium Race car paint jobs in wallingford ct Fans


Fred is one of the many fans in the Rust-eze tent at the car paint jobs scallops beginning of the movie. He's also seen at the beginning of the final race and during the credits. A running car services paint jobs gag in the movie is that whenever he get's excited, his car two tone paint jobs front fender falls off. Voiced by Andrew Stanton.

Jay Limo

Jay Limo is cheap paint jobs an obvious car parody of famous comedian Jay Leno, who provides his voice.

Souvenir Car

The souvenir car is computer paint jobs a car who sells cool paint jobs on harleys antenna balls to cheer the racers on. He is a Chevy Astro.


Marine fighters that sponsor costom paint jobs for dodge diesels the final race by flying over it.

Purple Fan

The purple fan is a small cranberry paint jobs purple car that hangs with the motorhome race fans.


The bi-plane is a plane that, crazy airplane paint jobs with his smoke, writes Piston Cup Races.

Motorsports Superstars and Associates

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is custom car and truck paint jobs pics a Ferrari F430 who appears both at the end of the custom car paint jobs flakes film and during the credits. He appears as a customer at Luigi's Casa della Tires, and just the thrill custom car paint jobs houston of finally having a real Ferrari come to the tire store is enough make custom car paint jobs tampa Luigi pass custom paint jobs black blue out, and when Michael talks to Guido in Italian, Guido himself faints as well. Voiced by Michael custom paint jobs bob kovacs Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher's Friends

Two fancy 2004 Maserati Quattroportes that custom paint jobs for motor cycles california joins Michael Schumacher at the Casa Della Tires. One is green, the custom paint jobs for motorcycles in houston texas other is white.

Mario Andretti

Mario Andretti is a car who is based on the real Mario Andretti's car, custom paint jobs in mobile, al who also provides his voice. He appears before the final race with Marco and custom paint jobs on el caminos Fred.

Mario Andretti's Wife

Mario Andretti's wife appears with custom paint jobs on rockets Mario Andretti himself as a car. She is one of the few cars that appear in the movie (and stand estimate for car paint jobs out) but do not speak at all.

Minor SUVs


Cars character
The Governator
Model Hummer H1
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Color Yellow
Voice Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Uncredited)

The Governator is fast and the furious paint jobs a car parody of current (2006) governor funky car paint jobs of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself. He's a Hummer H1, which Arnold Schwarzenegger actually house of kolor paint jobs was the first one to own. In the movie, he how much are car paint jobs orders a nationwide search for Lightning McQueen after the rookie racer turns up missing in the how to make rc car paint jobs California track, saying for the i need a car shop that does paint jobs news broadcast:

"McQueen must be found at all costs!"

Poser "Never Been Off-Road" SUV

The poser "Never been off-road" SUV is a vain job title contains automotive paint repair jobs in newton nj Hummer H1 that lafayette car paint jobs appears during the Sarge's Boot Camp sequence during the credits. He is low rider car paint jobs tricked out with H2-style spinners.

Mattress-Carrying SUV

The SUV that holds a mattress has no definite name. He is only maaco paint jobs review seen at the end of the Life is A Highway sequence, and later in the epilogue driving mercedes paint jobs into of car paint jobs Radiator Springs, plus showing off his new large tires out in front of Luigi's shop.

Other Characters


The Peterbilt is the truck that Lightning mistakes for Mack. Voiced by the late Joe Ranft.


A113 is the train who nearly runs Lightning over. paint jobs in india His code number is a common Disney in-joke.

Mini and paint jobs on my car Van

Mini and Van are spouses. They get lost and try to find their way back to Interstate 40, but pass through Radiator pearl matte finish paint jobs car Springs without buying anything and eventually wind up off-road. Van pictures flames car paint jobs (the husband) is apparently arrogant, as he claims that he has radio control car paint jobs a global positioning system (GPS for short) in himself. Their names combined is a pun scion paint jobs on "minivan". Mini is voiced by Edie McClurg, and Van by sweet car paint jobs Richard Kind.


These are little flies, and each one is a flying VW Bug. two toned car paint jobs There are a load of view the different types of paint jobs for my car them at Wheel Well.

Pixar Spoofs


A Ford Woody wagon.

Buzz Lightyear

Spaceship-esque car.


A pig car. Voiced by west coast customs paint jobs John Ratzenberger (who also voices Mack).


A 1966 VW Bug.

PT Flea

A tiny where can i find cheap car paint jobs springy car. Voiced by John Ratzenberger (also voices Mack)

Mike Wazowski

A BMW Isetta with small horns.


A monster SUV.

Ambominable Snowplow

A snowplow voiced by John 55 chevy paint jobs Ratzenberger (also voices Mack)


Dinoco McQueen

McQueen's daydream of having the Dinoco sponsorship. It was released 68 camaro paint jobs as a toy in Mattel's diecast lineup.

Dinoco Chick

McQueen's scared airbrush custom paint jobs on racecars thought of Chick getting the Dinoco endorsement.

Dinoco Frank

Yet another all custom car paint jobs one of McQueen's scared thoughts, this time it involves Frank, who got the Dinoco endorsement after best car wax for black paint jobs crushing McQueen and the other cars.

Big Al

Big Al is an unheard and unseen character. He appearently once best paint jobs for trucks lived in Radiator Springs and was said to be the only car strong enough bidding for paint jobs bill mcconnell paint jobs to pull Bessie. He left 15 years ago according to Ramone. He shares a name with another Disney character, Big Al of black silver car paint jobs the Country Bear Jamboree at the Magic blue paint jobs Kingdom park at Walt Disney World.


Doreen is a miscellaneous pick-up truck that Mater talks about to McQueen.

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