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2001 GMC 

Northwest Herald - Oct 03 10:10 AM
Blackened spark plugs indicate rich fuel mixture I own an old 1972 Ford Torino with only 58,000 miles. The engine is a Cleveland 351 V-8 two-barrel carburetor. I installed a used Holley 500 cfm two-barrel carburetor and gave it a complete tune-up. The engine ran great for 400 miles.

GMC loads extras into Denali 
Northwest Herald - Oct 06 8:57 AM
For a real road treat, a large, full-sized sport utility vehicle is hard to beat. Full Story > The purpose of a larger and longer vehicle is to carry more, whether people or cargo.

1985 Dodge Ramcharger from North America - Oct 02 4:24 PM
What things have gone wrong with the car? The catalytic converter has been replaced twice, most recently to pass emissions test. Minor oil leaks and replaced transfer case seal. Replaced distributor, but it always ran. The ongoing problem occurs mostly in 3rd gear at 35 mph and not at all times.

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Ford 385 V8
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Production: 1968–1997
Predecessor: Ford MEL V8
Ford FE V8
Successor: Ford Modular V8
Ford holly carburetor Triton/InTech V8
Ford Boss V8
Class: Big-block OHV hollet carburetor V8
Engine: 370 in³ (6.1 L)
429 in³ (7.0 L)
460 in³ (7.5 L)
512 in³ (8.4 L)
Similar: Buick Big-Block V8
Cadillac Big-Block holley carburetors V8
Chevrolet Big-Block V8
Chrysler RB V8
Chrysler Hemi V8
Oldsmobile Big-Block V8
Pontiac Big-Block V8

The Ford 385 engine family holley carburetor was the American Ford Motor Company's final big block holley carburetor tuning V8 engine design, replacing the Ford MEL engine and gradually superseding the Ford FE holley carburetor jets engine family. This design was a departure from the paradigm holley carburetor 750 double pumper list number utilizing thinwall casting methods and a skirtless block to reduce weight.

It was available in three sizes adjusting holley tripower carburetors in production vehicles; 370 in³ (6.1 L) in trucks only, holley carburetor parts 429 in³ (7.0 L) and 460 in³ (7.5 L). A 512 in³ (8.4 L) crate engine was also available from Ford SVO.

The engines free holley carburetor manual were sold between holley carburetor hats 1968 and 1997. They were manufactured in Lima, Ohio. This manufacturing line replaced the Ford MEL engine holley carburetor jet sizes line in the Lima plant. The FE engines, manufactured in Dearborn, continued how does a holley carburetor work in production but saw reduced drilling holes in holley carburetor throttle plates applications and volume as the 385 engine gradually took over in the edelbrock carburetor versus holley discussions Ford line up. The FE went out of production in 1976, leaving holley carburetor adjustments the 385 as the only big block.

Besides service in large luxury cars in the 1970s holley carburetor breakdown and in trucks throughout its life, the 385 series engine was also popular in motorhomes, marine, and industrial applications. Over 50 holley carburetor identification varieties were holley carburetor part number produced in any given year.

As with the FE line of engines, Ford also offered Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet versions holley carburetor power valve plugging of how a holley carburetor works the 429. The Cobra Jet, rated at 370 hp, was equipped with a Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, larger camshaft, 11.3 to 1 1964 corvette holley carburetor compression ratio and a special set of cylinder heads. The Super Cobra Jet, rated at adjusting holley carburetors 375 hp, had a 4-bolt main block, a Holley carburetor, and custom holley carburetors a larger mechanical camshaft. In diagram of 4br 31517 holley carburetor 1971, the CJ engine also used a 4-bolt main block. However, these engines were actually underrated ford holley carburetors and produce power in the 440 to 460 hp holley 5200 carburetor schematics range. This was done to deceive insurance companies (common practice in that holley alcohol fuel carburetor era), so that buyers did not have to pay higher insurance holley boat carburetor rates.

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