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harness in the news

Harness stricter security to protect students via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 9:10 PM
Harness stricter security to protect students Dennis Price - Pine Grove, Calif. More student deaths. When will state and federal legislators finally demand the same security for students that they and other government agencies require? We don't need educational reforms...

Richmond Times-Dispatch - Oct 07 10:04 PM
CLOSE CALL: Jim Marohn Jr., is one lucky guy --and he knows it. The leading driver for Colonial Downs' harness racing meet the past two years escaped serious injury during a chain-reaction spill in the sixth race last Tuesday at the New Kent track.

Would stadium built on slots money be a home run or wild pitch? 
Sun-Sentinel - Oct 07 7:04 PM
Brilliant. A new Marlins stadium near Pompano Park harness track built with slot machine revenue. Just invite Pete Rose to throw out the first pitch, and I'll buy the hot dogs.

Weitzman seals Montclair victory 
The Star-Ledger - Oct 07 10:51 PM
Senior Hannah Weitzman of Montclair has become that type of goalkeeper every contending team needs to harness success against quality competition.




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The term "harness" has been used for many centuries for part of the collection of equipment known as horse tack, harnes essential in the domestic, military, and agrarian use of horses. Several derived contexts now exist. Examples:

  • a part arness of haness medieval armour, related to the cuirass
  • Child harness
  • Climbing harness
  • Dildo harness (a "marital aid," used for a strap-on dildo)
  • Dog harness
  • Grappling and wrestling holds safety harness which encircle the body like a harness.
  • Hang gliding and parachuting use harness harnesses
  • Harness racing and see related articles such as Australian Inter Dominion Harness Racing Championship
  • Lunatic Harness dog harnesses (a musical harness racing album)
  • "Tidal harness" is a device for generating tidal power
  • Windsurfing harness as used in the wiring harness sport of windsurfing
  • Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers
  • Parrot harness
  • Software Test harness
  • a group safety harnesses of wires that comprise part of a motor vehicle's electrical circuitry
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