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SigAlert Shuts Down NB Lanes Of 14 Freeway In Antelope Valley 

NBC 4 Los Angeles - Oct 06 6:58 AM
ANTELOPE VALLEY, Calif. -- The northbound 14 Freeway at Pearlblossom Highway in Antelope Valley was closed because of an accident on Friday morning. At 6:30 a.m., traffic was backed up on both the northbound and southbound lanes. NBC4's Paul Johnson said authorities hoped to reopen lanes by 7 a.m.

Threatening student might be charged 
Cleburne Times-Review - Oct 05 3:27 PM
The 17-year-old Joshua High School student responsible for a lockdown at the school Monday may face charges in county court, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office representatives said Tuesday.

Ripple hired as Brazosport superintendent 
Cleburne Times-Review - Oct 05 3:28 PM
Assistant Superintendent Joe Ripple will soon be leaving Cleburne ISD after Brazosport trustees voted unanimously to hire him as the south Texas district’s new superintendent during a school board meeting Tuesday.

Utility Trailer Dealership in Indiana Expands - Oct 02 12:08 AM
10/2/2006 Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co., which manufactures reefers, dry freight vans, flatbeds and Tautliner curtainsided trailers in North America, said its independent dealer, Utility/Peterbilt of Fort Wayne, Ind., has expanded its operations to include a new 30,000-square-foot facility.




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A flatbed editor is a type of machine used for the editing of a motion picture film. The two most common brands, Steenbeck and KEM, flatbed were invented in Germany the 1930's. There are also flatbed truck the less well-known Italian (Prevost) and French (Moritone) flatbeds. All these machines have a flatbed scanner rotating prism rather than the "Maltese Cross" or Geneva drive flatbed transport intermittent shutter mechanism used by the American Moviola editing machine. The rotating prism allows the flatbed carriers film to move smoothly and continuously, flatbed scanners reducing mechanical noise and potential damage to the film. flatbed trailers It also makes high-speed operation feasible, and some machines can move the film at up flatbed trailer to six times normal speed. The trade-off for these advantages flatbed scanner reviews is a slight smearing of the image compared to the American Moviola.

The use of multiple sound tracks (up to three separate flatbed scanner software flatbed trailer rental tracks) and multiple picture heads (up to three separate picture tracks) is also a feature of the KEM, flatbed trailer utility which has a modular construction.

Flatbeds also made it easy to view ten flatbed trucking companies or even twenty minutes of film at a time. The "armed" Moviola could manage a flatbed carrier ten-minute reel, but with difficulty because it did not have high-speed operatiion.

European flatbeds came into best flatbed scanner more common use in the truck tarps flatbed tarp sales United States during the 1970's, although never completely replacing the Moviola.

By the mid-1990's, flatbeds were in turn being gooseneck flatbed trailer replaced by electronic non-linear systems such as Avid business card flatbed scanner software and Lightworks.

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