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electric scooter
Report: Mitsubishi to sell electric car in U.S. - Oct 10 8:25 AM
Mitsubishi Motors Corp. plans to sell an electric car in the United States, according to a report in an industry newspaper.

exhaust pipe
Read our preview of the Trailer Park Boys movie in Thursday Ticket 
London Free Press - Oct 04 11:21 PM
TORONTO -- Carmakers are being "picked on" as Ottawa plays politics with environmental policy, a leading auto-sector analyst said after industry executives were told exhaust-pollution rules are coming down the pipe.

SigAlert Shuts Down NB Lanes Of 14 Freeway In Antelope Valley 
NBC 4 Los Angeles - Oct 06 6:58 AM
ANTELOPE VALLEY, Calif. -- The northbound 14 Freeway at Pearlblossom Highway in Antelope Valley was closed because of an accident on Friday morning. At 6:30 a.m., traffic was backed up on both the northbound and southbound lanes. NBC4's Paul Johnson said authorities hoped to reopen lanes by 7 a.m.

fuel injection
Zimbabwe: Fuel Frustrations Go Beyond Non-Supply - Oct 05 12:44 PM
THE ever-worsening fuel situation is simply compounding the string of problems motorists have faced in Zimbabwe over the last few years, not just in terms of supply but also in terms of quality.

fuel pump
How do I know if my car needs ultra low sulfur diesel and whether that's what's in the pump? 
Louisville Courier-Journal - 2 hours, 51 minutes ago
A: Fuel cap labels are required for 2007 and later model year engines that require the fuel. Federal rules require all diesel pumps to specify the type of diesel.

Harness stricter security to protect students via Yahoo! News - Oct 05 9:10 PM
Harness stricter security to protect students Dennis Price - Pine Grove, Calif. More student deaths. When will state and federal legislators finally demand the same security for students that they and other government agencies require? We don't need educational reforms...

haynes manual
1998 Toyota RAV4 4wd from North America - Oct 04 9:09 AM
What things have gone wrong with the car? So far nothing. Actually, one of the hinges on the fold-down cup holder broke in the dead of winter from the cold. I have yet to replace it.

holley carburetor
2001 GMC 
Northwest Herald - Oct 03 10:10 AM
Blackened spark plugs indicate rich fuel mixture I own an old 1972 Ford Torino with only 58,000 miles. The engine is a Cleveland 351 V-8 two-barrel carburetor. I installed a used Holley 500 cfm two-barrel carburetor and gave it a complete tune-up. The engine ran great for 400 miles.

honda carburetor
Tests find gasohol safe on old cars 
Bangkok Post - Oct 06 6:31 PM
Owners of older cars need not worry about the introduction of gasohol in January as the fuel will be compatible with their vehicles, according to tests run by PTT Plc and the Energy Ministry.

honda motorcycle parts
Polaris Challenges Competitors to a Duel 
[Press Release] Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance - 1 hour, 30 minutes ago
MINNEAPOLIS----To back up the statement Polaris builds "The World's Toughest ATVs," Polaris CEO Tom Tiller today challenged the CEOs of the other major ATV manufacturers to a live, head-to-head competition.

honda motorcycles
Boon Siew targets to sell 50,000 new Honda motorcycles 
The Star Online - Oct 04 5:10 PM
KUALA LUMPUR: Boon Siew Sdn Bhd, the distributor for Honda motorcycles in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, is targeting to sell 50,000 units of its newly launched Honda Wave S125 annually.

hood scoop
Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 4 October 2006 - Oct 04 12:49 PM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

Horn player enjoys group's energy 
Argus Leader - Oct 08 12:05 AM
Nathan Pawelek is one of the ringers. A French horn player, a symphony composer and dad, Pawelek was hired by the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra as a full-time player. He plays in all of the seasons' series concerts and performs in the quartet and quintet that travel the state. Most other players are members of the community, some whose daily business is not music-related. Pawelek, 37, says

motorcycle exhaust
News source for the Texas Hill Country 
Fredericksburg Standard Radio Post - Oct 07 12:04 AM
Concerned mostly about traffic safety and noise, around 75 people filled the meeting room at the Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center Monday night to attend the month’s first of two regular Fredericksburg City Council meetings.

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Electric scooter

- electric scooter

Here is an article on - razor electric scooters.

- electric scooters

Electric scooter
Electric scooter at the 2005 Vancouver electricscooter EV gathering

Electric scooters are rising in popularity because of higher gasoline prices. Battery technology is eletric scooter rapidly improving making this form of transportation more practical.
Advantages electric sooter of electric scooter over gasoline powered scooter:

  1. The fuel costs for an electric scooter are less than one-third the electic scooter cost of a gasoline scooter.
  2. Nearly silent.
  3. Zero emissions. Can ride electric scootter the scooter indoors.
  4. No trips needed to the gas station. Plug in at home.
  5. Lower maintenance costs and fewer electtric scooter maintenance activities. For example no need to change oil.


  1. Up front costs are higher electric scoote than comparative gas powered scooter electri scooter.
  2. Reliability not proven. How long do the batteries last?
  3. Shorter range before electric scooters recharging or fill up.
  4. Longer fill up or recharge time.
  5. Lower maximum speed in some cases, mostly regarding full-sized motorcycle-class scooters

Current or upcoming electric scooter electric scooters

Name Top Speed Cost Type Life Capacity Range
Vectrix 60 mph $8K Nickel Metal Hydride electric razor scooter (NiMH) 10 years or 50,000 miles / 80,000 km 30 Ah, 3.7 kW-h 68 miles (110 km) @ 25 razor electric scooters mph (40 razor pocket mod electric scooter km/h)
Taz Elecra 50 mph 4x12v sealed lead acid gel 700 cycles 45AH 90m/144km
e-max sport 37 mph
55 km/h
$2,750 8 x 12V/20A Silicone battery[1][2] 400 cycles 50-70 km

25km/h version distance range 90-110km

Evader 30 mph $2,500 4x12v Sealed Lead electric mobility scooter Acid Gel[3] two years 45AH 40 miles / 70 km
eGO Cycle 2 23 mph[4] $1,200 25 miles (18 cheap electric scooter mph, 150 lb rider, flat terrain)

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Report: Mitsubishi to sell electric car in U.S. - Oct 10 8:25 AM
Mitsubishi Motors Corp. plans to sell an electric car in the United States, according to a report in an industry newspaper.

Man on powered scooter seriously hurt in collision 
Everett Herald - Oct 09 3:55 AM
ARLINGTON - A elderly man in a powered scooter was taken to a Seattle hospital after being struck by a pickup in Arlington on Sunday evening, Arlington police reported.

I Was Arrested for Appealing for My Wife Who Was Raped 
The Epoch Times - 1 hour, 53 minutes ago
My name is Yang Dazhi. I was born in 1967 in Sujiatun of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. I currently reside in Britain. The following is my personal experience, which is far from being unique in ...

A life of Grace: Trail-blazing clergywoman to be honored by UMC 
Rapid City Journal - Oct 10 10:53 PM
SPEARFISH -- “Amazing Grace” is the title of one of the most beloved hymns of all time, but it is also a pretty good description of the Rev. Grace Huck.