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Linear Servomotor is suitable for piezo replacement. 

ThomasNet - Oct 06 6:08 AM
With 10 x 10 mm forcer size and 9 g weight, 4 mm Linear Shaft Motor strokes as long as 40 mm and features coreless construction that eliminates cogging. Motor offers quiet operation due to absence of friction, and stiffness characteristics allow it to be used in high precision positioning applications where 0.09 nm resolution is achievable. It operates in harsh conditions such as vacuum

Danielson North American Tour Takes Shape 
Pitchfork - Oct 08 12:19 AM
Danielson works in mysterious ways, and though the majority of the band's upcoming tour dates do not have confirmed venues, locations for the first month have been announced.

Alonso wins as Schumacher goes up in smoke via Yahoo! UK & Ireland Sport - Oct 08 12:00 AM
Japanese GP - Race : Michael Schumacher had just exited the pits for the second time whilst leading the 53-lap Japanese Grand Prix when his title hopes took a massive dive as the Ferrari V8 failed half way around the lap.

American doctors help Tanzanian miner get medical relief 
Sioux City Journal - Oct 07 11:30 PM
CHEROKEE, Iowa -- Elias Mollell comes from Tanzania, where people greet strangers like family, often with a two-sided hug to match a bright smile. For a couple of years, he relied on the kindness of his countrymen to get from place to place.




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Cardan driveshaft with universal joints

A driveshaft, driving shaft, or Cardan shaft is drive shaft miata drive shaft a mechanical device for transferring power from the engine or motor drive shafts to the point where useful work is applied.

Most engines or motors deliver power as torque through rotary motion: this is extracted shaft drive bicycles from the linear motion of pistons in a reciprocating engine; water driving a water shaft drive bicycle wheel; or forced air or water custom drive shafts in a turbine. From the point of delivery, the components of power transmission form the drive train.

Driveshafts are mazda mpv drive shaft carriers of torque: they custom shaft drive motorcycle wheels are subject to torsion and shear stress, which represents the drive shaft bicycles difference between the input force and the load. They thus need to be strong enough to bear the stress, gto 2005 drive shafts without imposing too great an international trucks drive shafts additional inertia by virtue of the weight of the shaft.


  • 1 Automotive driveshafts
    • 1.1 Vehicles
    • 1.2 Driveshaft for Research and Development infiniti m30 parts 1987 drive shaft (R&D)
  • 2 Marine driveshafts
  • 3 Driveshafts in Bicycles
    • 3.1 Advantages
    • 3.2 Disadvantages

Automotive driveshafts


Most automobiles today use rigid driveshafts to deliver automobile drive shafts power from a transmission to the wheels. A pair drive shaft parts of short driveshafts is commonly used to send jaguar s type 2.5 sport drive shaft power from a central differential, transmission, or transaxle to the wheels.

In front-engined, rear-drive vehicles, a longer driveshaft is also required to mazda rx 8 drive shaft send power flexible drive shafts the length of the vehicle. Two forms dominate: The torque tube with a how to measure a drive shaft length single universal joint and the Hotchkiss drive with two or more joints. jaguar s type 3.0 se drive shaft This system became known as Systeme Panhard after the automobile company, Panhard motorcycle shaft drive et Levassor patented it.

Early automobiles often used chain drive or belt drive mechanisms rather motorcycles with shaft drive than a driveshaft. Some even used electrical generators and motors to transmit power to the wheels.

In British spicer drive shaft English, the term "driveshaft" is restricted to a transverse shaft which transmits power 1994 toyota estima accessory drive shaft to the wheels, especially the front wheels. A driveshaft connecting the chevy blazer removal of rear drive shaft universal joint gearbox to a rear differential is drive shaft couplers called a propeller shaft (or more commonly a "prop-shaft") and a driveshaft connecting a rear differential drive shaft impala ss to a rear wheel is usually called a halfshaft. The name derives from the fact that drive shaft service maryland va two such shafts ford drive shaft flange lock plate are required to form one rear axle.

There are different types of driveshafts in Automotive Industry:

  • 1 piece driveshaft
  • 2 piece ford ranger drive shaft splines driveshaft
  • Slip in Tube driveshaft

The Slip in Tube Driveshaft is the new type which also helps in Crash how to disconnect drive shaft Energy Management. It can be compressed in case of crash. It jeep grand cherokee 5 2 v8 oil pump drive shaft is also known as a collapsible driveshaft.

Driveshaft for Research and Development (R&D)

The automotive industry also uses the drive shaft shop driveshafts at testing plants. At an engine test stand a drive shaft is used to transfer a toyota prius drive shaft problem certain speed / torque from the combustion engine to a dynamometer. A "shaft big bear front drive shaft guard" is used at a shaft connection to constant velocity drive shafts for cars protect against contact with the drive shaft and for detection of drive shaft disconnect a shaft failure. At a transmission test drive shaft for 1984 ford bronco stand a drive shaft connects the prime mover with the transmission.

Marine driveshafts

On a power-driven ship, the driveshaft, drive shaft u joint replacement or propeller shaft, usually connects the honda trx250 fourtrax drive shaft transmission inside the vessel directly to the propeller, passing through a stuffing box or other seal at the point it mini drive shafts exits the hull.

As the rotating propeller pushes splines drive shaft angles the vessel forward, the marine driveshaft is also subject time for replacing front toyota drive shaft to compression, and when going reverse, to tension.

Driveshafts in Bicycles

The driveshaft has served as tom woods drive shaft an alternative to a chain-drive in bicycles for the past century, although never becoming very popular. tom woods drive shafts A bicycle with a shaft toyota pickup drive shaft replacement instead of a chain is described as "acatane". When used on a truck drive shafts bicycle, a driveshaft has several advantages and disadvantages:


  • Drive system is less likely to become jammed or broken, a will a car drive without a drive shaft common problem with chain-driven bicycles
  • The use 1999 ford ranger 4x4 front drive shaft and transmission of a gear system creates a smoother and more consistent pedalling motion
  • The rider 4x4 drive shaft cannot become dirtied from chain grease or injured by the chain from "Chain bite", which occurs when clothing 99 s-10 drive shaft or even a body part catches between the aluminum drive shaft chain and a sprocket
  • Lower maintenance carbon fiber drive shaft than a chain system when the driveshaft is enclosed in a tube, the common convention
  • More consistent performance. Dynamic Bicycles claims clamping sleeve for drive shaft 944 porsche that a driveshaft bicycle consistently delivers 94% dodge ram+front drive shaft efficiency, whereas a chain-driven bike can deliver anywhere from 75-97% efficiency drive shaft disconect based on condition.
  • Greater clearance: with the absence of a derailleur or drive shaft flange lock plate other low-hanging machinery, the bicycle has nearly twice the ground clearance


  • A driveshaft system weighs more than a chain system, usually 1-2 pounds heavier
  • At optimum drive shaft shop upkeep, a chain delivers greater efficiency
  • Many of the advantages claimed by driveshaft's proponents can be achieved on a drive shaft universal joint chain-driven bicycle, infiniti m30 drive shaft such as covering the chain and gears with a metal or plastic cover
  • Use of lightweight jaguar s type 2.5 se drive shaft derailleur gears with a high number of ratios is impossible, although hub gears jaguar s type 3 0 sport drive shaft can be used
  • Wheel removal can be complicated in some designs (as it is for jaguar s type 4.2 se drive shaft some chain-driven bicycles with hub gears).
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