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He has the drive to succeed 

Boston Globe - Oct 08 2:05 AM
DUXBURY -- Defending state Division 2 golf titlist Mike Gunderson of Duxbury High is happy that Franklin Country Club is the host of this year's championship.

Baggage Bungling 
The Philadelphia Inquirer - Oct 08 12:39 AM
For people who fly US Airways out of Philadelphia, there may be no scarier moment than this: the instant when their bags slip out of sight on the conveyor belt.

The Energy Diet 
New York Times - Oct 07 9:22 PM
A lazy man's guide to belt-tightening at home.

Fall Shoe Trends - and Where to Find Them 
Benton Evening News - 2 hours, 58 minutes ago
(ARA) - Sandal season is coming to a close and fashionistas everywhere will be shopping for fall footwear. But what's a shoe fan to do if you don't live near a hip boutique or don't want to drive from mall to mall in search of the latest styles by the hottest designers?




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Variomatic is the stepless, fully automatic transmission of the passenger car manufacturer DAF.

The final drive has two pulleys with drivebelt moveable conical drums. The belt drive stage distance between the drums is controlled by the drive belts engine vacuum in the inlet manifold and engine RPM, through centrifugal weights inside the drums. Between drive belt the two pulleys runs a drive belt. As a result of change in the distance of belt drive the conical drums in both pulleys, the diameters and so also the reduction ratio belt drive betty changes continuously.

With the DAF 600 - 55 each rear wheel was propelled individually rotax belt drive by a pair of conical drums and drive belt with the effect air compressor with oil and drive belts of a limited slip differential: if a drive wheel on slippery road revs antique ceiling fans belt drive up, the other wheel can still gates drive belt transfer the full torque. This results in unusually good traction characteristics, which were also belt drive bicycle a reason for successes of the DAFs belt drive ceiling fans in rallies. It was even used in a Formula 1 car, but it was only allowed to start in one cushman golf cart drive belt race before it was banned since it gave an unfair flat drive belt advantage.

The Variomatic is also drive belt cross reference used in today's motorscooters. It is a standard part of all common scooters international harvester 382 drive belt since 1985, and several companies such as Malossi, Polini, Doppler and Stage6 are offering tuning clutches and 1989 subaru gt 4 wheel drive + timing belt diagram variomatic for most common 50, belt drive bicycle motors 70 and 125 cc scooters.

A version of the Variomatic called Transmatic is still made by industrial drive belts Van Doorne's Transmissie b.v. in Tilburg, The Netherlands and Nissan replacing drive belt on mazda mpv instructions Primera is offered with this transmission.

Today the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) works according toothed drive belts to the same principle. Rather than rubber drive belts, the modern transmission is made much more ultima belt drive durable by the use of steel link belts. The CVT is available in yamaha golf cart drive belt cars such as Audi, Honda and the MINI ONE belt drive + bevel gear and MINI Cooper.

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