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cylinder in the news

Evacuation after cylinder blaze 

BBC News - Oct 06 9:01 AM
Businesses at an industrial estate are evacuated after a fire involving gas cylinder breaks out.

Arguably Affordable, Unmistakably Luxurious 
Washington Post - Oct 07 11:12 PM
SARATOGA, Calif. Time changes meaning. Consider the notion of "luxury." Here in 1912 in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, James Duval Phelan, a three-term mayor of San Francisco and the first popularly elected U.S. senator from California, built the Villa Montalvo.

Lead Screws International and Advance Controls Introduce 'Smart Stroke' Servo Cylinder 
[Press Release] PR Web via Yahoo! News - Oct 06 5:00 AM
Traverse City, MI (PRWEB) October 6, 2006 -- In an exciting new joint venture with Advance Controls, Lead Screws International is proud to offer a revolutionary new product called the “Smart Stroke.

A Lot More Firepower for BMW?s 6-Shooter 
New York Times - Oct 07 9:28 PM
For 2007, BMW has brought out new fifth-generation coupes, the BMW 328i and 335i, cheering enthusiasts who haven?t seen a new two-door 3 Series since 1999.




- graduated cylinder

- hydraulic cylinders

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The word cylinder has several meanings:

  • Cylinder (algebra), the cartesian product of cylander a set with its superset
  • Cylinder (geometry), a three-dimensional geometric surface
  • Cylinder (engine), the space hydraulic cylinders within which a piston travels graduated cylinder in an engine
  • Cylinder (disk drive), a unit of data division on a volume of a cylinder hard disk drive
  • Gas cylinder, containers used to store compressed gases or compressed air
  • Diving cylinder, a type of gas cylinder used cylinder in Scuba diving
  • Graduated cylinder, glassware used for measurement of liquids hydraulic cylinder in laboratories
  • Phonograph cylinder, the dominant medium of audio storage from cylinder head the 1870s to the 1910s and in limited use (such as in the dictaphone) through the mid 20th century
  • Cylinder (firearms), hydraulic cylinder seals the cylinder is the rotating device cylinder hone that contains the firing chambers of a revolver
  • A type of lens and a form of refraction error.
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