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Cruise-Kidman destroyed Kubrick's “Eyes Wide Shut” - Oct 06 4:58 AM
Stanley Kubrick thought his last movie “Eyes Wide Shut” was a "piece of s**t" that was ruined by intrusion from its stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, as actor R Lee Ermey claims quoted by contactmusic.. Ermey played in Kubrick's “Full Metal Jacket” and remained in close touch with the legendary film-maker up until his death. Ermey recalls the legendary director expressing his disappointment

Drive a Bargain - Oct 06 4:46 PM
$25,888 drive-away, Phil McCarroll Toyota, Hornsby. 3.0-litre, V6, four-speed automatic, dual airbags, anti-lock brakes, air-conditioning, alloy wheels, cruise control, six-disc CD player.

I'm not Tom Cruise, says Jude Law 
New Kerala - Oct 05 11:59 PM
London, Oct 6: Actor Jude Law has slammed Hollywood for trying to make him into a British Tom Cruise saying that he hates being portrayed as a "celebrity product".

Report: Tom Cruise "Very Concerned" About Katie's Body 
WTOL News 11 - Oct 05 12:00 PM
This one looks like a "mission possible" -- if Katie Holmes is willing to follow the workout regimen Tom Cruise is reportedly urging her to follow. The mission? To regain the hardbodied physique she once had, but lost.

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For the software build framework, see CruiseControl.
Cruise Control cruse control Controls on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Steering Wheel

Cruise control (sometimes known as speed control or Autocruise) is a system to automatically control the speed cruise control of an automobile. The driver sets the speed and the motorcycle cruise control system will take over the throttle of the car to maintain the same speed.


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Speed control with a centrifugal governor was used in automobiles as cruise control module early as the 1910s, notably by Peerless. Peerless advertised that their system would "maintain speed whether up cruise control for motorcycles hill or down". The technology honda civic cruise control was invented by James Watt and Matthew Boulton in 1788 for use in locomotives. It uses centrifugal force to adjust throttle quilters cruise control position as the speed of the engine changes with different loads (e.g. jeep cruise control switch when going up a hill).

Modern cruise control was invented in 1945 universal cruise control switch by the blind inventor and mechanical engineer Ralph Teetor. His chev 454 cruise control module idea was born out of the frustration of riding in a car driven by cruise control motor home lawsuit his lawyer, who kept speeding up and slowing down as he talked. The first car with Teetor's system was the Chrysler Corporation cruise controls Imperial in 1958. This system calculated ground speed scion xb cruise control based on driveshaft rotations and used a solenoid to vary throttle position as needed.

Theory of auto cruise controls operation

In modern designs, the cruise control may or may ford explorer sport trac cruise control not need to be turned buy audiovox cruise control on before use — in some designs it is always "on" but not always enabled, electro motor cruise control others have a separate "on/off" switch, while still others just have an "on" switch that must be pressed after jeep cruise control switch xj the vehicle has been started. Most designs a1 cardone cruise control transducer have buttons for "set", "resume", "accelerate", and "coast" functions. Some also have rostra cruise control a "cancel" button. Or simply tapping the brake on most cars equipped with cruise control installation of a car cruise control on a g6 will disable it. The system is operated with controls easily within the driver's reach, usually with two or more buttons on the cruise control kit steering wheel spokes or on the cruise control lincoln mark vii edge of the hub like those on Honda vehicles, on the turn signal stalk like mazda 3 cruise control switch in some General Motors vehicles or on a dedicated stalk like those found in oem cruise control for jeep Toyota vehicles.

The driver must bring the car cruise control car up to speed manually and use a button to set the cruise control to the current speed. The cruise cruise control for vtx motorcycle control takes its speed signal from a rotating driveshaft, speedometer cable or from honda motorcycle, cruise control the engine's RPM. Most systems do not allow the use of the cruise control below a certain mazda3 cruise control switch speed (normally 35 mph/55 km/h) to discourage use in motor cruise control city driving. The car will maintain that speed by nissan x-trail cruise control pulling the throttle cable with a solenoid or a vacuum driven servomechanism. On the universal cruise control latest vehicles fitted with electronic throttle control, cruise control can be easily integrated into the vehicle's engine management system. Most systems can volkswagen beetle cruise control not working be turned off both explicitly 82 chevy cruise control transducer and automatically, when the driver hits the brake or clutch. Cruise control often includes a memory feature to control cruise cycle motor resume the set speed after braking and a coast feature to ford explorer sport trac cruise control parts reset the speed lower without braking. When the cruise control is in mazda3 cruise control effect, the throttle can still be used to accelerate the car, but new cruise control once it is released the car will then slow down sportbike cruise control until it reaches the previously set speed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cruise control has many advantages but also some serious vices.

Some of those advantages include:

  • Its usefulness 97 honda accord cruise control motor for long drives across sparsely populated roads. This book royal caribbean cruises with cruise control usually results in better fuel efficiency.
  • Some drivers use it to cheap cruise control for nissan almera avoid unconciously violating speed limits. A driver who otherwise tends to unconsciously increase speed over the course of a hyundai cruise control problems highway journey may avoid location of cruise control fuse on 2002 trailblazer a speeding ticket. Such drivers should note, however, that a cruise control may go over oem cruise control its setting on a downhill which is steep enough to accelerate with an idling engine.

However, cruise quilter cruise control control can also lead to accidents due to several scion cruise control factors, such as:

  • The lack of need to maintain constant pedal pressure, which can help lead to vista cruise control accidents caused by highway hypnosis or incapacitated 1962 pontiac cruise control drivers; future systems may include a penalty switch to avoid this.
  • When used during inclement weather or while driving 1984 cadillac eldorado cruise control switch on wet or snow- and/or ice-covered roads, the vehicle could go into a skid. Stepping on 88 ford f-150 cruise control switch the brake – such as to disengage the cruise afi cruise control control – often results in the driver losing control of the vehicle.

Many countries after market auto cruise control establish that it is illegal to drive within breakaway motorcycle cruise control city limits with the cruise control feature activated.

Autonomous cruise control system

Some modern vehicles have autonomous cruise control (ACC) systems. These use either a radar control cruise motorcraft switch or laser setup to allow the vehicle to slow when approaching another vehicle cruise control boots and accelerate cruise control diagrams again to the preset speed when traffic allows. Some systems also allow the driver to choose a preset headway jeep wrangler cruise control manual or following distance. The system warns the driver if a vehicle in front oem cruise controls - given the speed of vdo cruise control both vehicles - comes too close. Mercedes-Benz was the first to offer such 2002 buick lesabre cruise control repair a system, under the Distronic name, but similar adaptive systems are now offered by other manufacturers. For 2006, Mercedes-Benz refined the Distronic system to adaptive cruise control and signal processing completely halt the car if necessary automobile cruise controls (now called 'Distronic Plus' and offered on their S-Class range of luxury saloons), a feature now also offered by Bosch as cruise control for harley 'ACC plus' cruise control installation and available in the Audi Q7. The system also goes under the names of active cruise control (ACC) , adaptive cruise control (ACC) or intelligent cruise cruise control problems lincoln mark vii control (ICC)

Toyota's Lexus vehicles were cruise control stepper motor second to market with "DLCC" (Dynamic Laser Cruise Control). Other vehicles with adaptive cruise control fiero cruise control vaccuum lines include the Acura RL, Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi Q7, ford cruise control BMW 3 Series (called Active Cruise Control), BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, Cadillac STS, Cadillac XLR, ford f150 2006 cruise control Infiniti M, Infiniti Q45, Jaguar XK-R, Jaguar S, Lexus LS430/460, Lexus ES-350, motor cycle cruise control Nissan Primera T-Spec Models (called repair cruise control jeep cherokee Intelligent Cruise Control),Mercedes-Benz S-Class, E55 AMG, CLS, SL, CL, Range Rover Sport, Toyota Sienna XLE where is location of cruise control fuse on 2002 trailblazer (limited availability), Volkswagen Phaeton and Volvo S80. The system is available on most cars as an option who sells car cruise controls for approx. 2000 usd/euro.

General Motors Cadillac division now offers Adaptive windstar cruise control Control on the DTS series of its luxury vehicles. This is most notable by sensors mounted on 2001 ford escape cruise control the front bumper of the DTS. 2002 trailblazer cruise control does not work One must look closely because they are seamlessly integrated into the front of the vehicle. The system will also be aftermarket cruise controls offered on the 2007 Infiniti G35 sedans.

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