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Autumn festival draws public out to hoof it in Quakertown 

The Morning Call - Oct 08 1:15 AM
Produce, dancing, pumpkin painting and hayrides were among event's attractions. From cauliflower the size of basketballs to slender strands of yellow wax beans, Belgian horse-drawn hayrides and early 19th century waltz and quadrille dancing in the downtown triangle, Quakertown Alive held its annual Autumn Alive festival despite the early morning chill and overcast skies.

Jemaah Islamiyah: Terror in Paradise and Blood On The Sand - Oct 06 3:24 PM
It's 10am on a Sydney Saturday, a week or so out from Christmas, and I decide to go surfing during a three-hour break from work. The aircon is busted in my car and it's already 35C outside and rising. It's unbearably hot, even hotter with the windows DOWN, and feels like a blast furnace. The wax is melting off my surfboard and dripping onto the rear seat but I finally arrive at Bondi after

Car care products reduce cleaning time 
Detroit News - Oct 05 6:50 AM
Sure, it's so easy to simply drive into one of those automatic car wash places, pay your $10 to $20 and let the water jets and power washers and big drying fans do all the work.

St. Augustine -- America's oldest city -- is a true treasure 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 07 9:12 PM
ST. AUGUSTINE -- Special Web sites and promotional slogans created to mark next year's 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown in 1607 call the event "America's 400th Anniversary" and urge visitors to "Visit Virginia -- the birthplace of America."




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The Season Two cast of MADtv. (Top Row, Left to Right) Orlando carwax Jones, Bryan Callen, Artie Lange, Nicole Sullivan and David Herman. (Bottom Row) Mary car was Scheer, Debra Wilson and Phil Lamarr. Not pictured: Craig car wax Anton.


  • 1 Season Summary
  • 2 Opening Montage:
  • 3 Cast
  • 4 Episodes
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Season Summary

Opening Montage:

The title sequence for season two is exactly how to wax a car the same as the previous season. It starts off with several fingers pointing at car wax review a bomb. Then the bomb explodes and several different mothers car wax pictures of Alfred E. Neuman appears on the screen followed by the MADtv logo. car wax ratings Furthermore, the theme do you always have to use a cleaner before you wax your car song, which is performed by the hip-hop group Heavy D & the Boyz, begins. simonize car wax Each member of the cast is introduced alphabetically and silently with their black car magic wax name appearing in caption over single-colored live action clips of each performer. best rated car wax In between the introduction of each cast member are more pictures of Alfred E. Neuman. When the colored car wax last cast member is introduced, the music stops and the title sequence ends with the phrase detailing car wax free shipping "You are now watching MADtv..."


  • Bryan Callen
  • David Herman
  • Orlando Jones
  • Phil LaMarr
  • Artie Lange
  • Mary Scheer
  • Nicole Sullivan
  • Debra Wilson


  • Craig Anton


The second season of MADtv aired from September reviews car wax 21, 1996 to May 17, 1997. A total of 22 alternative to car wax episodes were produced that season:

Episode Airing Date Host/Guest(s) Sketches Other notes
#201 September 21, 1996 Christina Applegate (host) Christina Applegate stars in a parody of Jeopardy where bmw car wax contestants are borderline insane. Michael Jackson (Phil LaMarr) stars in a turtle wax car wash new movie. Two car care wax women (Christina Applegate, Mary Scheer) talk quietly during a funeral. First episode to car wax affiliate program have a host
#202 September 28, 1996 Ice T (host & musical guest) During a press the best car wax conference, Bob Dole (David Herman) instantly transforms into Dolemite. Ice-T is a guest car polish vs car wax on Cabana Chat.
#203 October 5, 1996 Kim Coles (host) Host Kim Coles plays a Spanish teacher who car wax comparison teaches a class about sex, but the class is prepared for math class car wax removal instead. Coles also plays an extremely-tanned manager who prepares car wax remover to tan another client (Bryan Callen). The Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan) won't help certain patients at the Betty Ford Clinic. liquid car wax maguires car wax An X-rated parody of Toy Story. Ike (Orlando Jones) and Tina Turner (Debra Wilson) argue during play versions of various meguiars car wax children's stories. The Linder parents (David Herman, Mary Scheer) embarrass Mark (Bryan Callen) synthetic car wax in front of his date (Nicole Sullivan) with talks about the birds what is the best car wax and the bees
#204 October 16, 1996 Jack Wagner (host) Spishak promotes their own maxipads which can be used zaino car wax once best rated car waxes a year. Demi Moore (Mary Scheer) plays Mother Theresa in a brand new movie called car wax best Mother of Mercy. Bill Clinton (Bryan Callen) and Bob Dole (David Herman) begin their debate in front home made car wax of an audience of pre-teens. Dr. Jack Kevorkian (Bryan Callen) gives presents how to remove car wax to his 100th patient max car wax (Nicole Sullivan).
#205 November 2, 1996 Neve Campbell (host) A witness on the stand (Mary Scheer) is unable to tell her story. Neve Campbell rain dance car wax tries to do a comedy routine during her monologue, but it eventually becomes depressing. wax remove scratches car paint Spishak's new car wax zaino car wax affiliate program won't guarantee full protection for your car. The X-News reporters discuss about potential presidential nominees, and a classmate (Phil LaMarr) holding car wax manufacturers a grudge against Amy (Nicole Sullivan) car wax test appears on the show. Tony Bright (Bryan Callen) carnauba car wax brings out a new do-it-yourself dentist kit. Political undertones permeate a parody of Party of Five, where Rachel cleaner car waxes (Neve Campbell) romances presidential candidate Bob Dole (David Herman). color enhancing car wax Ed McMahon (Artie Lange) stars in a parody of Dead Man Walking. A church preacher (Orlando Jones) uses pop consumer reports car wax reviews klasse car wax culture references to describe the events of Jesus. Craig Anton lets loose another screaming monologue. A baggage claims mothers reflections advance car wax reviews guard (Phil LaMarr) berates one of his customers (Neve Campbell).
#206 November 9, 1996 Kevin McDonald (host), Tony Cox (special new car wax guest) A couple (Kevin McDonald, Mary Scheer) try to lure a family member out show car wax from under the bed. During his monologue, Kevin McDonald forces tips for cleaning car wax from upholstery Artie Lange to hit turtle wax car polisher rating his bodyguard (Tony Cox). Creepy employees and customers run amok in a commercial best wax black car for a Wal-Mart-type store. Tony Bright (Bryan Callen) shows off blitz car wax a shock therapy kit to cure depression on today's episode of Incredible Findings. Woody Allen (David Herman) directs an car waxes urban film starring Snoop Doggy Dogg (Orlando Jones) and Rosie Perez (Debra Wilson). UBS guy custom car wax Jaq (Phil LaMarr) goes out on a dupont auto wax car produts date. The Vancome Lady (Nicole Sullivan) berates people while she works at a casino.
#207 November 16, dupont car wax 1996 Joe Rogan (host) and Ken Norton Jr (special guest) A game show contestant (Debra Wilson) puts liquid lustre car wax her raindance car wax skills to the test when she pays for her food. In a parody of Bewitched, whenever 3m perfect it show car paste wax Samantha (Nicole Sullivan) gets provoked, she gets mean. Host Joe Rogan appears on Cabana Chat, then black car wax as a boxer black magic liquid car wax who doesn't realize that a dive he's supposed to take won't come out the way he expected.
#208 December 7, booty car wax 1996 French Stewart (host) Host French Stewart plays an impatient boss who demands his employees to talk faster, then appears buy cheap best car wax in a sketch where other houseguests do impersonations of each car wax free shipping other. Incredible Findings introduces car wax reviews tests a do-it-yourself cosmetic kit. Sammy Hagar (Bryan Callen) is a bachelor car wax test results on Lowered Expectations. Bill Cosby (Orlando Jones) revises the format of his show into more urban territory. A colorback car wax woman (Nicole Sullivan) is forced to how to wax car break up with her bank.
#209 December 14, 1996 Harry Connick, Jr (host) "The Vancome Lady: Virgin Mary"; "The how to wax your car Reinfather" and "The Greatest Action Story Ever Told." Christmas Episode
#210 January 4, 1997 Andrea Martin (host) A promotion meguires car wax for toilet water-scented perfume. Andrea Martin welcomes out the cast of MADtv during rating car waxes her monologue. African-American individuals try to combat the whites from taking their reviews of turtle wax ice car polish slang terms. Host Andrea Martin plays a tips cleaning car wax upholstery one of many groupies who are big fans of a turtle wax car polish, australia Christian band, then as a boss who is forced to fire a lot of employees. David Herman finds wax car out that he is president of the United 24 karats car wax States according to a special agent (Artie Lange). A new TV drama focusing on the personal best car waxes and polishes and professional lives of car valets. A doctor (Phil LaMarr) car cleaner wax tries to entertain his patient (Debra Wilson) with a puppet.
#211 January 25, car show wax 1997 Brian Bosworth (special guest), Dom Irrera (special guest) "Gato-Ade"; "UBS Super Bowl Party"; car wax detriot's 1 "Vancome Locker" and "Vud Bowl V." Super Bowl Special
#212 February 1, 1997 Rodney Dangerfield (host) A parody of Suddenly Susan crossed car wax same color as car paint with Millennium. Host Rodney Dangerfield plugs his new movie car wax with teflon in it Meet Wally Sparks on Cabana Chat. At a rent-a-car station, a man color car wax (Orlando Jones) tries to prove he didn't pass wind.
#213 February 8, dupont rain dance car wax 1997 Queen Latifah (host) A look back at the school days of Alanis Morissette finish first car wax (Debra Wilson). Samuel L. Jackson (Orlando Jones) fumes when his mailbox is damaged in a parody of A Time to kit car wax Kill.
#214 February 15, 1997 Tommy Davidson (host), Tom Kenny (special guest) and Pauly mcguires car wax Shore (special guest) "Hospital"; "Town meguiars car wax oxidation Meeting" and "Progressive Parenting."
#215 March 8, 1997 Bobcat Goldthwait (host) A Lowered Expectations bachelor (Mary Scheer) proves that there's no fury like a woman scorned. nulook car wax Host Bobcat on car wax Goldthwait performs several public service announcements, then stars as a fast food employee gunning for the employee of the month award. removing car wax A removing car wax from windsheild dance calling couple (David Herman, Mary Scheer) argue with each other during a hoedown. A night of drinking leaves a spray car wax woman (Nicole Sullivan) with more than just a hangover. Another Lowered Expectations bachelor (Phil LaMarr) top car waxes looks to have a one-night stand for cash. A nerd (Debra top rated car wax Wilson) hosts her own TV show in which she interviews a forest ranger wax a new car (Mary Scheer). A babysitter (Mary Scheer) tries to kill a youngster (Bryan Callen).
#216 March 15, wax car polish 1997 Pauly Shore (host) While Bill zymol car wax Clinton (Bryan Callen) gives an address to the nation, Orlando Jones translates what the president says in ebonics. Host 3 stooges car wax Pauly Shore does stand-up best new car wax and appears on Cabana Chat. A new show called Test Pattern which runs between Seinfeld and ER. Antonia (Nicole car trim wax remove peanut Sullivan) is a new trainee at a car wax clear coat fast food restaurant, then appears on Lowered Expectations. Two employees (Bryan Callen, Mary Scheer) don't realize that car wax polish their boss car wax products is going to commit suicide. A boss (David Herman) is too drunk to conduct an interview.
#217 April 5, car wax results 1997 Thomas Calabro (host) and Corky and the Juice Pigs (Musical car wax reviewed Guest) "Cha-Cha the Gorilla"; "Discount Undertaker"; "Furious George;" "Stupid Anonymous Talking To"; car wax scratches paint Trial T.V. Dr. Flavin Manhunt" and "Spy vs. Spy--Gallows."
#218 April 12, car wax testing 1997 Mark Curry (host), Ike Turner (special guest) Spishak's new product is a combination of a spoon, fork, and knife. Mark Curry classic car wax performs a rap song during his opening monologue. A cleaner wax car polish couple (Bryan Callen, Nicole Sullivan) deal with a man (Mark colored car wax for scratches Curry) who maneuvers in a canoe. Ike Turner (Orlando Jones) argues diy car wax with wife Tina (Debra Wilson) after he delivers a pizza. Fran Drescher (Mary Scheer) shows off clips of rabid baies in fs 1 car wax a special called When Babies Attack. On today's The Kenny good better car waxes test Kingston Show, the host (David Herman) welcomes home car wax Ike Turner as his co-host and interviews Nelson Mandella (Phil how to polish and wax a car LaMarr). During three commercials for a rose collection, the announcer (David Herman) unleashes a torrent of anger how to properly wax a car when customers don't show any appreciation for how to remove old car wax the creator of the roses. Various individuals talk about their appearances on TV. An looking for the best car wax on the market immature man (Mark Curry) will not accept to be broken up with his girlfriend mother's car wax (Debra Wilson), and will do whatever it takes to stay nu finish car wax with her.
#219 April 26, 1997 Adam Arkin (host) Bob Marley (special guest) Host Adam pinnacle car wax Arkin is forced to wear, and pay for, clothes that were recommended by Isaac Mizrahi (Adam poly car wax Arkin). Arkin plays Lou Grant recipe car wax in a parody of The Mary Tyler Moore Show where the boss learns should you use wax on a car various things about lesbians. Meet Mexican wreslter El Asso Wipo (David Herman). OJ Simpson (Orlando Jones) tephlon car wax appears on The Kenny Kingston Show and promotes a TV series where he hopes to find who killed turtle carnauba car wax t-6 his turtle wax car wife. Two doctors (Adam Arkin, David Herman) play good surgeon/bad surgeon to extract a kidney from one of their patients (Orlando Jones). turtle wax color cure car polish green Jaq (Phil LaMarr) tries to help out a homeless person (David Herman), wax car wash but it eventually grows annoying for wizzards waxes and car care products the latter. Joel (David Herman) and Connie Linder (Mary Scheer) embarass their son Mark (Bryan Callen) z-best car wax as he moves into his dorm with a 3m car wax psycho roommate (Orlando Jones). A Lowered Expectations bachelor (Mary Scheer) hates best car wax finishes guys whose eyes pop out of their heads. Bob Marley talks about his father in his monologue.
#220 May 3, 1997 Ryan Stiles car brite butter wax (host) A woman (Nicole Sullivan) finds herself dating a guy who sounds like car ibiz wax the moviefone announcer. During his monologue, Ryan Stiles car polish wax shows off his improvisational skills. car wash and wax Michael Jackson (Phil LaMarr) appears on Oprah. Sinbad (Phil LaMarr) stars in another movie where he won't shut up. Ryan Stiles, in another car wash wax monologue, sings about girls who car wax and love guys with big toes. A salesman (Orlando Jones) promotes slavery on white people. A car wax and consumer report Mexican caterer (Debra Wilson) makes food that car wax cover up scratches make the people who eat it drop like flies. While visiting his buddy's apartment, a man (Phil car wax el cajon santee LaMarr) makes threats to individuals who make a lot of noise.
#221 May 10, car wax for 1997 David Faustino (host) A bride car wax for black (Nicole Sullivan) reads a very disturbing vow during a wedding. David Faustino plays car wax from a guy who dates a teacher (Mary Scheer), then as a host for a beauty pageant. A parody of Jane Austen car wax in films co-starring Larry Flint (David Herman). A mother (Mary Scheer) car wax on intimidates her employee son (Bryan Callen) at a car wax photo butcher shop.
#222 May 17, 1997 LL Cool J (host) "En Vogue"; "The Breakup"; "Don't car wax tips Talk to Me"; "Manic Depressive Stripper" and "Klops." Season finale


  • Season Two car wax to is, to date, the only season where there were no old cast members to depart the show and no car wax vs sealant new cast members to join the show.
  • This was the carnuba car wax last season to feature all of the original cast members of MADtv. Artie Lange would be fired color match car wax due to cocaine binging and Orlando Jones and Bryan Callen would consumer reports car wax leave at the conclusion of this season to pursue careers dance car wax in film.
  • Future MADtv cast member, Daniele Gaither appeared dupont teflon car wax in a sketch in episode 202 which feature rap star Ice T. The sketch concerned a mock debate final finish car wax between U.S. President Bill Clinton (played by Bryan Callen) and U.S. Senator finish car wax Bob Dole (played by house of wax car David Herman) who transformed himself into a "twisted" version of the 1970s blaxploitation icon Dolemite. Gaither played one of how often do you wax a car Dole's "Dolemite girls."

DVD releases

As of how often should you wax your car September 2006, there have been no video how to apply compound clear wax car or DVD release of MADtv Season Two. However, there was a Season Two preview how to car for no wax flooring on the special features disc on the MADtv: the Complete First Season DVD box set. The preview indicates how to wax a repainted car that a full scale release of MADtv: the Complete Second Season is being planned.

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