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Another day spent in the dark 

Chicago Tribune - Oct 05 4:55 AM
In a windowless kitchen Wednesday afternoon, the only light came from a blue gas flame burning beneath a pot of roiling oil, two flickering candles and a sliver of gray daylight borrowed from another room.

Character issues make athletes poor sports 
Houston Chronicle - Oct 07 11:00 PM
Terrell Owens might be the poster boy for misbehaving athletes, but he has plenty of company, including the newest member of the Rockets.

The Kentucky Kernel - Oct 04 10:43 PM
A man is hunched over, holding a metal mask to his face, his other gloved hand holding a welding rod that spews a hot blue flame. Yellow and orange sparks splash all around as Ian Collins walks home, through the soggy streets of Bridgnorth, England, past the welders.

Mother Lode cave hunters explore the abyss - Oct 08 1:15 AM
SAN ANDREAS — There’s a small brotherhood of Mother Lode men in their 30s and 40s whose day jobs above ground are mostly a disruption to their real careers in the darkness below.




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For the movie of the same title visit Blue Flame

The Blue Flame was the high-performing, ultra high-speed, rocket-powered vehicle which achieved the world blueflame land speed record on Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on October 28, 1970. The Blue Flame blue flames was constructed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Reaction Dynamics, a company formed by Pete Farnsworth, blue flame Ray Dausman and Dick Keller who had developed hydrogen peroxide rocket vent free blue flame heaters dragsters. The Blue Flame used a combination of hydrogen peroxide and liquified blue flame decals natural gas (LNG), pressurized by blue gas flames helium gas to eclipse previous speed records set with jet engine powered vehicles. LNG was used in the actual record-setting performance but at a lower blue flame lighter ratio of LNG blue flame tattoo to the hydrogen peroxide oxidizer than would be used at maximum design thrust. This was the original plan for blue flame exhaust subaru the record runs in 1970. The effort fuel oil furnace blue flame was sponsored by The American Gas Association, with technical assistance from the Institute of Gas Technology of Des Plaines, IL. a light bulb that reproduces a blue natural gas flame The Blue Flame's record 1014.656 km/h (630.478 mi/hr) lasted for 13 years and was blue flame lounge set as an average of achieved speed in both ways blue ghost flames motorcycle helmets ((629.412 + 631.367)/2= 630.478 mi/hr). The cool blue light green flame torch driver, Gary Gabelich, was of Croatian ancestry and native of San Pedro, California.

Blue Flame on exhibit in Sinsheim Auto aladdin blue flame heater & Technik Museum, Germany

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